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Brady Girl's Bo & Hope Tribute

When you hear "Brady" do you think "Bo and Hope"? Is your favorite song "Tonight I Celebrate My Love"? Do you swear you'll march into Salem, and tell anyone who messes with Bo and Hope, where to go? Are you ready to ring Stefano's neck (or worse)? Than this page is for you!

A Brady Welcome!

Brady Girl Welcomes You! If you've decided to keep reading, than you must be a Brady fan. Any Brady fan, is a friend of mine. I hope that you'll stick around and explore this Hope and Bo world. While you're at it, jot down my email addy, or sign the Brady Book, because I'd love to hear from you! Any comments or suggestions are welcomed.

While we are STILL so proud of Kristian Alfonso's HOTTEST FEMALE win last year, we once again congratulate her for her SOAP OPERA DIGEST nomination for FAVORITE FEMALE ACTRESS!!! We're rooting for you, Kristian!!!!
The Brady Book Awaits You...

If you wouldn't mind, check out my Brady Book, and pay tribute to Bo & Hope, or to my Site. I would love it if you would. Keep the Bo and Hope comments positive and clean please :)

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Where in Brady Land would you like to go??

This Site was created on January 16, 1999. Since then, I have added a few alternative places you are free to travel to.

Last Updated: November 19, 1999.

Visit My Bo and Hope Message Board

A place where you are free to post any of your questions and/or comments on Bo and Hope, or DAYS in general. Speak out!

Brady Girl's Kristian Alfonso Page

Read up on Kristian Alfonso, the wonderful actress who portrays Hope Brady. You are also free to leave your comments/thanks to Kristian and/or Hope.

Brady Girl's Bo and Hope Poll

Take the Bo and Hope Poll, and share your opinions! Also: find out the important dates in the lives of Bo and Hope, and 10 reasons you can tell you are a Bo and Hope fan.

Words From A Brady Heart

Don't you melt when you hear Bo and Hope talk sweet to eachother? Well, if you do, then come see their love in words!

Tell Me What You Think: The Results!

Yes DAYS fans, you heard right! The results are finally in. Who's voted most beautful? Best house in Salem? It was your decision, now check out the TOP choices. Thanks to all who participated!

Get Them back Together!! The Bo & Hope petition

All you Bo and Hope fans, here's your chance to voice your feelings! We all want Bo and Hope to be together, so why don't we do something about it. Tell me why you think these two Brady's should be together, and sign the Bo and Hope petition.

Send a Brady Love Thought

Do you know someone else who loves Bo and Hope? Why not make their day and send a Bo and Hope card to them, via email. They'll love you for it.

Get your own *hopebo4ever* email address, courtesy of Brady Girl

Here's your chance to get the best email addy in the world. Just quickly sign up, and you'll have your very own Hope and Bo email address. If you have any questions concerning this new feature, feel free to email me at

Brady Girl's Days Related Links

Want more DAYS?? Then hop on to this page, where I have offered some good Days pages, and also, official DAYS stars' pages.

Salem's Days Around Port Charles- Our role playing club

My *sis* and I, who are TOTALLY sick of what the writers are doing to our BO & HOPE, have created a role playing club, so we can decide the fates of our fave characters. We still have characters who aren't being played, so come join!! NOTE: It also involves the characters of GENERAL HOSPTAL.

The Plea--from BradyGirl

As all of you have probably guessed, I can't stand what the show is doing to Bo and Hope!! Everytime they reunite, and my hopes get UP, they are back down by the end of the episode. Don't they deserve to be happy?? YES!!!! So, read my plea to the writers. As fans, they do care about what we think. I encourage you to make a plea to them too! So come see what I mean. We can do it!!

Brady Girl's Peter Reckell Page

Read all about Peter Reckell, the amazing "dude" who plays Bo Brady. Coming soon, you can leave all your thoughts and thank yous to Peter and/or Bo.

Enjoy Your Stay!

If you email me your address, I'll let you know when my site develops. Thanks for visiting!

-Lisa Brady (Brady Girl)

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This site is not in association with NBC, DAYS OF OUR LIVES, CORDAY PRODUCTIONS, KRISTIAN ALFONSO, PETER RECKELL, OR ANY ELSE ACCEPT FOR ME!! This site was only made for the enjoyment of true Brady fans, and because I love Brady Love.

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Brady Girl.

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