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As a childbirth educator and a doula, I know there are many questions surrounding pregnancy, labor and birth. I provide childbirth education (classes) and professional labor assistance (doula) throughout the Los Angeles basin, Inland Empire and Orange County regions. Fully certified by numerous organizations and with nearly two decades of experience in the childbirth field, I have an extensive wealth of information to share. In addition, I have a Bachelor of Arts degree specifically designed to assist women and their families through the birthing process. You can e-mail me at or call Eileen Wright at (909)948-8868 or (562)987-1737.

Words of wisdom can be found in Aristotle's recommendation that a doula should have "a lion's heart, a hawk's eye, and a lady's hand."

Birth Hot Links

The Expectant Father- Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads-To-Be.
A Father's Tale-A dad's viewpoint on a home birth.
Mothering Magazine-The Natural Family Living Magazine. The best magazine on parenting.
DONA (Doula's of North America) An excellent site for Doula information.
The Human Touch-An Article on infant massage.
Birth As An American Rite of Passage- A site to order the best book on childbirth.
Childbirth: The Ordinary Miracle - Effects of Devaluation of Childbirth on Women's Self-Esteem and Family Relationships - An article by Gayle Peterson.
Episiotomy: Ritual Genital Mutilation in Western Obstetrics - Abstracts of research that supports the idea that episiotomy is not helpful, and often leads to damage.
Electronic Fetal Monitoring-A very informative list of article abstracts that debate the usefulness of EFM.
Fetal Monitoring- A good discussion of the problems and benefits of electronic fetal monitoring.
Antiviral Drug More Effective Than Cesarean in Preventing Neonatal Herpes- "A common antiviral drug taken during the last month of pregnancy is more cost-effective and prevents more neonatal infections than cesarean delivery for women with genital herpes..." (Interesting article.)
Birth Choices Bookstore-Books offered by a CBE in Cincinnati.
Labor and Birth Books & Resources- From
Immaculate Deception II: A Fresh Look at Childbirth - A classic by Suzanne Arms. Superb reading on childbirth.
Laboring in Water-An article on using water for birth.
Waterbirth - A Midwife's Perspective Review. An excellent book on water birth.
The Midwifery Today Site-Very complete.
The Online Birth Center-Information on birth centers.
A Symbolic Analysis of Standard Obstetrical Procedures-An interesting paper at the birth psychology site.
Active management of labor- A good example of the OB approach to labor and birth (in a hospital setting).
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Home Page. You can also find more information about them here.
Medical Student Education-Lots of useful links. - Discussion Forums- Info on the various OB/GYN internet lists (email).

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