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keith urban

~"Keith still in the hot seat!"

Keith's New CD of his BEST is coming out very very soon! The local station here in Bakersfield is KUZZ 107.9 {661}842-5555 Let's see if we can get him back to the top with this one. :)

In his personal life, and in his professional life Keith will never forget this past Year.

Keith Urban with the support of his lovely wife Nicole Kidman, gave his all to make a clean start. They looked great on the Red Carpet

Your true friends are so happy for you keith.
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More news at To see the news on the upcoming CMA awards CMA For a limited time, is proud to bring you a special 2007 featuring the hottest videos you voted for. Keith was nominated for Best video.

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NEW If you missed keith in New York City in a unique outdoor performance that was webcast live on the Internet. This concert is part of New Country Y-107's lunchtime concert series and was held in the plaza between the World Trade Center towers on August 24, 2000. Keith mentions the wtc will be closed down next week, I'm sure he couldn't believe as we all looked on in disbelief of what was about to occur. I'm sure this was a fond memory for Keith. I personally feel fortunate that we have these memories to remember what we once had...and what wonderful people live and work in New York.

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September 27th was fantastic. I got to go back and do the Meet & Greet. Keiths just as charming and down to earth as I remember him. I've got to resize them but I've already posted some at the Fanclub sites through yahoo. I've got hundreds of fantastic Pictures and made a few new friends... Here's just a sample of the quality my new camera has. Scroll down to see two more pictures, one could be a great desktop.


ACM award!:-) as well as the pictures on this page.

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In order to keep tabs on the local concerts check out Bakersfield Centennial Gardens--Now RaboBankI may need to do some more refining & editing so bear with me. Dusting off the cobwebs so to speak.

Keith is becoming quite a regular now in Country Weekly!
Keith Urban's debut solo album has been certified gold, selling in excess of 500,000 copies. Urban, who wrote or co-wrote nine of the album's 12 songs.

In his interview he's quoted to say "I theorized for a while that songwriters are just these doomed people and they sort of seek out all this chaos so they can write about it," he said. "But I don't think that's the case. I really think that we're actually fortunate in the sense that we go through struggles like everybody does, but we can write about 'em. It's just our way of therapy, you know. I don't think we have anymore of an unusual life than anybody else, we just get to glamorize it in song."

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keith urban's travel to country.

♦Keith Urban
Your Everything

Born 33 years ago on October 26th,1967. Beginning at a young age of 6, keith knew he'd go to Nashville one day to play country music. Originally from Caboolture, Queensland, Australia, he grew up listening to Legends such as Charley Pride, Dolly Parton, Don Williams. Keith's dad made arrangements in exchage for free advertisements for a guitar teacher, Keith would get free lessons. After winning several country music talent shows by the age of eight, keith urban soon had steady gigs in bands as a teenager. Inspired by the rock-n-roll of Dire Straits, keith soon began creating his own unique form resulting in the rock/country style that has become his trademark. In 1988,he formed a three-piece band which led to his solid success in Australia. After charting four #1 country singles, urban made the move to Nashville. He then formed the group "The Ranch". The release of their self-titled album had critics raving their style of country music and keith's guitar playing. When the group disbanded, keith was called upon to add some of his fleet-fingered magic to well known artist such as the Dixie Chick's Fly album, & Garth Brooks Double Live album,& did some guitar riffs for Steve Wariner.

Feelings with his Heart

One of my Favorites on the album and Keith's Video was released in September 2000 on the country music video's stations. Written with the help of Charlotte Caffrey and Jane Wiedlin of the "Go-Go's" and went to #1
I understand it's being considered for a special gospel nomination.
Keith is qouted to say "There are songs on the album about losing love, but not being beaten or downtrodden by that loss. I try to see the light, even in the darkest circumstances," says an optimistic Keith. He presents his name as an uncapitalized keith urban. A gifted musician, keith teamed with noted key-boardist Matt Rollings to produce the album. Impressed by the way Matt worked with the musicians, keith asked him to produce his solo record. Rollings jumped at the chance. Keith Urban's fresh approach to country music was enhanced by Rollings. "Matt knows how to cast the right players for a particular song," says urban, "and because he's a session player himself, he knows how to read the players and get the best performance from them."

Personal Meeting

♦Keith Urban
It's A Love Thing

During his concert on stage keith makes people feel right at home by often stopping to speak to the audience during song breaks. While playing at the Crystal Palace on April 27th, 2000, I asked Keith to say hi to my Grandma who was sitting with my mom at the balcony. We came to the Crystal Palace to enjoy the company & possibly learn some line dancing. Well of course i didn't expect my grandmother of 82 to join us, but we had the best time when we discovered that Keith Urban was to be performing as well. I felt like cinderella at the ball. I should have taken cinderella's clue to losing shoes thou. I had the wrong shoes that didn't work well with line dancing--so I was a little embarassed & snuck off the dancefloor. However, Keith warm personality can't be missed when he comes off stage to perform his signature guitar pickin throughout the audience. Thank you Keith for visiting us at the Kern County Fairgrounds ♥
I found this link and felt you'd enjoy seeing some cultural aspects of Australian site NEW: Great Barrier's Reef!
Keith states that alot of places in California are like Australia, I suppose that's good in some ways...won't make keith feels to lonesome for home. Although it's to hot for me here at times. :)
I've found some more aussome screen savers that show beautiful pictures of Down Under

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Here are a few fansites that have put alot of dedication into their work.
1. Aussomekeithurban. ~This is an AUSSOME site~by Julia

3. Annie & her husband Don just finished their newest 2nd CD. In February 2001. "River of Nightlife". I met them as they debuted at the Crystal Palace February 23. 2001 What a fantastic time we all had. It was an honor to meet Annie & Don in person, they are very sweet couple. Annie & I first met because of the mutual interest & Keiths' debute here in Bakersfield at the Crystal Palace. The Latest news is they've visited Nashville,Tennessee recently and their record is circulating Europe... can you believe that-wow! Please take some time to check their homesite at Don & Annie Kidwell You can see their picture with me on my Bakersfield Link

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Brooks and Dunn's Neon Circus came to Bakersfield May 15th. 2001 It was awesome!!!

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Keith recently posted lessons on the Net. The series of five tutorials are archived at link and an interview with keith can be found at House of Blues Artist Interviews
Just a note "Your Everything hit no. 1 twice on CMT

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Rumour has it some of keiths favorite collections include "Cat in the hat" items, and "South Park".

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