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Title: Zlatko Jakus


The Padjelanta National Park in Lappland, one of the stamps in the National Parks issue 1990, is one of Zlatko Jakus big favourites from his own rich collection of Swedish stamps.

He likes the motif mainly because of the combination of animals and nature, which are subject he often reverted to during his first years as a stamp engraver. However, Zlatko Jakus is probably well-known mostly for stamps with technical motifs, for example the issue depicting Swedish trains.

The Padjelanta stamp, with its small format and abundance of variation - lake, mountains and reindeer - is engraved throughout with no etching anywhere. When he works on larger formats and with less complex motifs, Zlatko Jakus usually etches parts of the steel die.

Zlatko Jakus has developed his engraving art from the traditional way of working with line engraving. The old master engraver Arne Wallhorn played an important role in this process. Zlatko Jakus acquired his basic knowledge of engraving at the Zagreb College of Arts 1960-64. He studied the metallic line and gained experience of engraving on precious metals as well as on steel, copper and brass.

During this period he did not actually engrave any stamps but he worked with line composition for both bank notes and stamps. 

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