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A Bon Chat - To a good cat!: Somali kittens

A Bon Chat Kittens

Presenting A Bon Chat Camilla (Cammie) and A Bon Chat Bayard (Bear), the very first A Bon Chat litter.

Cammie lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with a lovely lady who took Cammie when she was three years old. A Bon Chat Papeete (not shown here) a very lively one year old, went with her.

Bear has lived with a very nice family in California since he was six months old. He was a well traveled kitten by that time, having traveled from California to the CFA International Cat Show in Chicago when he was just five months old.

Cammie and Bear's parents (Carquinez Francesca of A Bon Chat (DAM) and Carquinez Gladiator (SIRE)) were both ruddy, what a surprise to get two red kittens.

Oh, these two are full of the dickens! It was evident even at two months old when these pictures were taken.

I would like everyone with Somali cats to be blessed with at least one with the intelligence, loving temperament and personality of these two.

A Bon Chat Olivier and A Bon Chat 'Arlequin are litermates. They have a twin connection, and are inseparable. They constantly play "What ever he can do, I can do better." One day it's Ollie and the next it's Harley.

Their parents are Carquinez Aurora of A Bon Chat and Mittsnpaws Wild Knight of Carquinez.

This is CH Ciderhouse Arpegio Elli (bottom left) and her first litter, A Bon Chat Gigue (Jigs), a ruddy male (top left), A Bon Chat Tiara (Tia), a ruddy female (top right), and A Bon Chat Galliard (Jolly), a red male (bottom right).

The parents are CH Ciderhouse Arpegio Elli of A Bon Chat (DAM) and GRC RW Ciderhouse Presto Vivace (SIRE).

A VERY BIG THANK YOU goes to Polly and Ron Lauser of Vancouver, Washington, for allowing me to have this link to the Ciderhouse line.

These three are soon to be seen in CFA shows in California, while Mama Elli is busy at home resting and enjoying her time away from "the kids."

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