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A Bon Chat - To a good cat!: Duke

Beau's Duke Leto of A Bon Chat

Gary and I spent one-and-a-half years searching cat shows for the cat I wanted to bring home. I changed my mind about what breed several times at each show I attended. We talked with breeders and then spent hours pouring over the literature that we picked up at the shows. We visited numerous catteries searching for "the cat". In the end, the very first pedigreed cat I brought home was 'love at first sight', with a little bit of luck.

This is Duke. His CFA registered name is Beau's Duke Leto of A Bon Chat. Isn't he handsome? He just takes my breath away.

We was at yet another cat show, put on as part of a pet fair. The cat show was in one building and all of the other events were located in an adjacent building. We had started through the other building first. It was all very interesting, but I was impatient. The feeling of anticipation was growing inside of me. Finally we entered the building with all those cats. Boy oh boy, it was a wonderful show. There were so many cats to see, wall-to-wall cages, with lots of spectators walking up and down the aisles. I was getting tired and dejected, because I just had that feeling that this was the show where I would find my cat, and I just couldn't find him.

We had walked by plenty of empty cages. After watching cats being judged for awhile, Gary (bless his heart!)wanted to stroll up and down the rows of cages again, and there 'he' was. I would have given anything to have that cat. First an empty cage, and then a cage with 'my cat' in it, but the owner was no where around. She finally returned, and I had a chance to talk with her. Duke had just granded, a one show grand, and was looking for a home. Boy, what luck! My enthusiasm won her over and I was headed home with this big cuddly pussy cat. And that's where this story begins.

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