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Aldo from France


California USA

Central-Sierra Chapter & Santa Cruz Chapter & Barbary Coast Chapter


Members from the Central-Sierra Chapter take Aldo to lunch in Columbia CA


Members head down main street "Old Town Columbia" looking for a gun-fighter?


Aldo stops by the St Charles Saloon for a cold beer

The Charlie was built in 1849 during the gold rush


------------------A CDF fire captain explains to Aldo how the helitack crew works ----------- Group pictures in front of a 212


Aldo & George hanging out in Alrin Ness' shop



Phil & the Barbary Coast Chapter takes Aldo to lunch city style ------------ Note the SFFD style parking used by JR and Phil--------------------

------------------------------------------------------------------Red curbs must be for Harley riding firefighters


SFFD's fire boat

Aldo proudly stands in front of 1-Engine downtown San Francisco


Members arrive in Modesto at George & Beth's to say good-by to Aldo our "friend"


Some great home cooking and a few good-bys and Aldo was gone. Now we start planing for his next visit, hurry back!