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From our Brother Fred


Free translation from the article published in "Sud Ouest"

Staying at the motocamp site in St. Aubin de Nabirat near Gourdon ( six samelike places excist in France), approx. fourthy members have chosen the lovely spot at the bridge "pont de Vicq" for a pause.

Eddy Styven, European Wind & Fire president, explains the clubs philosophy as "Solidarity,respect,brotherhood" and completing "charity", because these bikers promote and execute wellfare for others.

As an example last Saturday in Thenon, they gave a baptise ride to French firfighters orphelins.

The firefighter spirit.
It’s in april 1991 , when Jerry Eibert in Sta. Barbara ( California ) founds Wind & Fire.  Retreated fireman, he originates the Harley spirit amongst firefighters. Last Saturday they came from as far as Marseille,Nevers,Lille,Antwerp, even the UK and (Sweden)?

Fred Fournet,French chapter director confirms, a Wind & Fire member should ride a Harley and be or have been a firefighter.

Some of them will continue the ride to Barcelona for the celebration of a centenial of history on two wheels with no equal, before going over the Atlantic in august for a return to the source at Milwaukee, the industrial cradle of Harley Davidson.

More than one million bikers are attended.
Contact :

French chapter director : Frédéric Fournet, centre de secours principal 18100 Vierzon

European president, responsible for Diamond chapter Belgium,
Styven Eddy 0032 476/999.476