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Black Devil's Day

Burn Camp Run

From our Brothers and Sisters in Belgium

We are members of the Wind & Fire Chapter of Belgium : the Black Devils.
After our very successful First "Burn Camp Run 2003" on 30 of August, we are happy to send you some news and foto's.

This day has begin with a big sun and a motivated troup. We have had a good organisation to prepare the local, the food, the emplacment for bikes and of course the beautifull run (+/- 200 km).
People begin to come at 10.00 am and the bar has open...At 11.30am, 70 bikes were ready to go. The bikers have had a pause to lunch at the fire department of Eupen and were coming back at 16.00pm.
The party has begin... The meat was cooking on the barbecue, the bar was invaded !!! and the music begins....
Two groups has play : a rock and a blues group.
On the evening, everybody was enjoying. More than 200 people has came up to the call and this for a very important and good motive : the childrens who are fire's victims.




























In fact, we have a date with the responsible of the hospital department who care for these childrens to present her with our benefits (+/- 1000 $).

It's a fact that we are very proud of us and hope that this will be a success every year. We have join some foto's to this letter and apologise for our English who's not perfect!!!!

Thanks for reading,

Christiane and Véronique.