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Wind & Fire

Southern Florida Chapter

"Hits the road"

Danny Lanzi Retired from Pembroke Pines F.D......27 years.  There was Guy Gallo  Ft Lauderdale F.D........26 years and his wife Genie. There is Billy Duanes who is a Plantation F.D. ..Volunteer. 

Some of these Pics were on the Nachez Trace Road. This is a beautiful ride because there is only 2 lanes and no commerical vehicles are allowed to drive on it.It is a winding road that has a length of about 400 miles. It is kept impeckably clean with no litter and well kept roadways....

On the trip we made we rode 3000 mi. in 10 days. Had a blast. The weather didn't co-op top well. COLD for a couple of Florida Boys.  We left Ft. Lauderdale went to Tallahassee, then on to Baton Rouge,Tupelo, then into the Carolina's  thru Deals Gap and down through Georgia and Fla and then Home. A great trip......