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Wind & Fire Motorcycle Club

                  Good Reading! Updated 1 – 2020

          This is where we list publications that are about the Wind & Fire Motorcycle Club and its activities.

          I would like anyone that comes across an article about our club to please contact the webmaster so we can add it to this list.

Ink Link

Tattoo Expo Magazine – Tracy, CA

Check out the cover page of the Summer 2009 Ink Link magazine.  Wind & Fire MC Central-Sierra Chapter is the cover page, also center pages 20, 21, 22 and 23 are all Central-Sierra Chapter and the Alisa Ann Ruch burn foundation.


PFFA Magazine – “Professional Firefighters Arizona”

Check out the attached link to the PFFA magazine (Professional Firefighter of Arizona).  It has a nice       article and photos regarding the Wind and Fire Burn Camp Run and info on this year’s run.      Page 6 & 7


          J.D. W&F, Prescott Arizona.




·       Thunder Press, February 2011 on page 51 - Dallas Brothers, great photo in this month's


·       Thunder Press, January 2009 “Wind & Fire MC – One for the King – Johnny V Toy Run”

Thunder Press check out page 6.  Full page article and pictures.  Great job by the Barbary Coast Chapter.


·       Thunder Press, December 2008 “Wind & Fire MC Honoring our Fallen Heroes”

Thunder Press check out page 5.


Full page article with pictures of the 2008 Ride to Remember in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Starts out with "Honoring our Fallen Heroes - Wind & Fire MC, IAFF join forces for memorial.


Pretty cool – Great job guys

·       Thunder Press, October 2008Packin’ Smiles” Wind & Fire MC Kids Day Run

Page 7 Article about the Hemet CA Kids Day event and how it started.  Also, a picture of JR the international president of WFMC and his cabin of great kids.

·       Thunder Press, JANUARY 2008 "JOHNNY V's MEMORIAL TOY RUN”

The Legacy of a Friend – “Johnny V”

Page 22 and page 31

·        Thunder Press, JANUARY 2007 "JOHNNY V's MEMORIAL TOY RUN"

On page 41 through 43 articles by Steve Austin, "Just Like Johnny"

The Barbary Coast Chapter / SFFD rode to maintain a tradition made by Johnny V.  Johnny lost his life last year when involved in an accident while riding to a chapter charity planning meeting in San Francisco.

·        Thunder Press, SEPTEMBER 2006 "WESTERN RALLY"

        On page 48 through 51 - 3 page article by Steve Austin about W&FMC's
        Western Rally.  Very good article and some great pictures.

·        Thunder Press, NOVEMBER 2002 "Las Vegas Bike Fest 2002"

On page 65 New York Myke addresses the crowd at the Freedom Rally wearing his W&F MC colors. (Nice picture)

·        Thunder Press, NOVEMBER 2002 "RIDE TO REMEMBER - 2002"

On page 87 - full page article by Joseph Ragonese about W&FMC's trip to New York City. Nice picture of Lisa and Rick the ride coordinators.

·        Thunder Press, AUGUST 2002 "The phatty to end all phatties"

On page 3 - "The phatty to end all phatties" article has a picture of a very large three wheeler and a red HD. The red "Firefighter special" belongs to our very own Jerry Eibert, Founder of W&FMC's.

·        Thunder Press, JULY 2002 " Aunt Gypsy's

         On page 13 - Aunt Gypsy - "Skipper from Wind & Fire, Long Beach" at RFTW

         On page 34 - Sierra Hope Ride Modesto - Club Colors can be seen in color photo in font of Modesto HD.

         On page 51 - People At Red River - Nice color photo Oklahoma members and storytelling about Wind & Fire MC.

         On page 110 - Gold Country (Boozefighters MC Run) - Wind & Fire MC on list of attending clubs.

·        Thunder Press, January 2002 "Santa rides a fire truck"

         On page 16 - Donna Wells writes about the Brea, California toy run. (Nice picture of Santa and his fire engine)

·        Thunder Press, January 2002 "Paradigm Pad by Gypsy's"

         On page 11 - Aunt Gypsy writes about the Brea Fire Department, Wind & Fire MC and the Soldiers for Jesus MC's toy run. Brea, CA.

·        Thunder Press, July 2001 "Where Am I"

         On page 99 - Under the "Where Am I" W&F MC member Jay Thorne was the winner. Jay is from Aztec, NM.

·        Thunder Press, June 1999 Wind & Fire Honors Fallen Comrade

         On page 11 - Wind & Fire MC Sacramento Chapter honor fallen comrade by Jeff Karges

·        Thunder Press, June 1999 W&F Brotherhood

         On page 28 - W&F's St. Florian's Bike Blessing and Blood Drive by Wendell Perry

·        Thunder Press, November '99 - Starting a motorcycle club

         On page 28 - How six police officers became the Choir Boys. There is a nice photo of Wind & Fire MC members Don and Connie Stewart supporting the Choir Boys at the         6th Annual Fallen          Officers Poker Run.

·        Thunder Press, December '99 - Firefighters who ride the wind have 5th Wind & Fire MC National Rally

         On page 29 - Over 100 members gather in Sturgis. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell visits with Jerry Eibert during the rally at Hill City, S.D.

·        Thunder Press, April '00 - W&F MC Sacramento Memorial Run

         On page 51 - by Jeff Karges

         Over 290 bikes arrived at the Sacramento H-D dealer and gave their support to the Sacramento Area Chapter of W&F MC's annual Dean Baker Memorial Run to benefit      the Firefighters Pacific        Burn Institute.


Thunder Roads Motorcycle Magazine" 



·       Article Great Lakes Chapter 93 Wind & Fire MC "Kalamazoo 14th Annual Great Lakes Burn Camp” page 25.

Great pictures



"Barnett's Motorcycle Magazine" 

·        Article "Wind & Fire members” featured in Issue 52 Nov/Dec 2006

"Wild Motorcycles - France" 

·        Article "Wind & Fire France” (European Meeting 2005).


"V - Twin" 

·        February 2007 Issue pages 73-74

         Article "A Road Tale: Riding, Risks and Reality" by Evo Red

·        March 2006 Issue #59 - Page 84 and 86

         Article "Road Thoughts and Math 1+1=1" by Evo Red. The Road weary Words of Evo Red.


·        March 2006 Issue - Page 38 and 39 - pictures and article

         Article about our International W&F Rally held during Sturgis bike week.  Nice write up and some very good pictures.


·        January 2006 Issue - Page 51 - picture

         Bikers Protest Discrimination against "Colors"


·        August 2005 Issue - Cover page pictures and page 9 article

         Article about “The 2nd annual burn camp run and the Wind & Fire MC's Phoenix Chapter”.

         Story and photos by:


·        Fall 2003 Issue - Page 8,9 and 10

         Article about “The Dallas Texas Chapter”.  Great picture of our Club colors along with a very good article.   click here for the article


·        September 2002 - Vol 2 Issue 6

         Cover page picture of William and members from the "Orange County Chapter"

            Click here for the picture of "Sir William!"


         Skunk Dots - Biker News - Serving Texas and surrounding states

         March 2005 - Space Coast Chapter - Page 57 has pictures of W&FMC Space Coast Firefighter's    "colors" their patch.

         (vol 7 Issue 8) Page 6 photos and article about our Houston Chapter and “The Lonnie Kerr Burn Camp Run”

"Spring 2001 - Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation"

The recent Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation newsletter posted Wind & Fire MC as one of the top contributors that "Helped them Move Mountains!".


·        Brand-historic ("Fire-histories") written by Sven Harrysson

A part-time firefighter in Sweden, Sven Harrysson, has written a book, "Brand-historic". The book details fire stations, personnel, fire apparatus, and everything else involved with fire.

Wind & Fire is covered on page 120 with two photos of our Chapter Malmö & Lund members.   The page tells of our membership internationally and our charity work. The author also suggests that the readers with some extra cash should send it to the Club to benefit the charities our Swedish chapters support.


Dallas Fire Fighters Association – Local 58

·       October 2008 – Volume 1, Number 4; page 16 and 17.

Members of the Dallas Chapter Wind & Fire Chapter – attend the IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial 2008 - Robert Russ, Mike Otto, Ike Griffith, Gary and Mindy Lovell, Pat Murphy and Claude Bullard.

·       March 2010 – Volume 3, Number 3; page 16

Full page ad in support of the Parkland Burn Camp – CAMP I-THONKA-CHI

Dallas Chapter


·        July 2004 Houston Firefighter - IAFF Local #341

                 (Vol. 37, No. 7) Page 17 full page article with pictures of the Lonnie Kerr-Camp Janus Burn   Run.

·        Houston Firefighter IAFF #341

                 (Vol. 35 No. 7) Full front-page article with photos. Regarding the Houston Chapter and the   Lonnie Kerr BCR.

·        November-December 2000, Vol. 83, No 5

        "The Local Scene"-page 24

         "L-2046 Member Tours Europe, Finds Kinship"

A quarter page story is featured with a photo of Jerry Eibert (Founder of Wind & Fire MC) Eddy Styven (European Board member) along with four members of the Diamond Chapter Belgium. The photo was taken in the town center square of Tournai, Belgium by Jennifer Smith, Jerry's daughter.


        December 2000 page 43

         Has listed Wind & Fire MC under Riding Clubs & Organizations.

"Q&P Almanac"

The Magazine for the Orthotics & Prosthetics Profession

        January 2001 pages 36 & 37

A two-page story with photos of Jennifer Smith's trip through Europe on the back of her dad's, Jerry Eibert's, Harley. The Magazine for the Orthotics & Prosthetics Profession has a very nice   story. "The Ride of a Lifetime: Smith Tours Europe on the Back of a Harley" by Carrie Jacobi. Included are two photos: (1) Jen & Jerry and (2) Jen with the Diamond Chapter Members.

CHECK OUT "OANDP.COM" There is a short version about Jennifer Smith's ride in Europe on a Harley with her dad "JERRY EIBERT" founder of Wind & Fire MC.



·        American Motorcyclist December 2000

Page 40 - Wind & Fire MC Chapter Lund. Article with picture of the Lund Chapter members and our Club flag. This magazine's circulation is over 200,000.



·        Bailing Wire - July 2002

Page 9 - Symbols of Choice & Choice Symbols - New York Myke puts it in writing that he will be riding with the Club in September from NYC to the Pentagon and on to        Colorado Springs.

·        ABATE of California's Bailing Wire: August 2000

Page 23 - There as a color photo of Don Tompkins, New York Myke, and Jerry Eibert along with a story of Myke's Honorary Membership.


·       August 17, 2009 Kalamazoo Gazette

         “Soft spot”  Spurs giving.  Bikers among those helping to send young burn victims to summer camp.  Great Lakes Chapter #93

·       December 7, 2007  Mountain Times – Tuolumne / Calaveras Counties

         Comments by Kathy Self (WFMC member / Central-Sierra Chapter)

“What was your best vacation?”  Kathy said; Milwaukee in 2003 for the 100th Anniversary of Harley Davidson!  Our group, Wind & Fire MC, Central-Sierra went.  There were eight bikes.  But when we got up there, there were about 250 riders.        That’s 250-from our club, Wind & Fire –   which is worldwide.  There was lots of partying!

·        February 2005 "North County Times - Oceanside, CA"






OCEANSIDE ---- A benefit performance will be held Friday to help send a group of     county firefighter bagpipers to New York City in 2006 for a Sept. 11 memorial dedication, authorities said.

The performance will be held around 7 p.m. at Tremont St. Sports Bar and Restaurant, 311 N.  Tremont St., said Firefighter Glenn French. People can donate as they wish.

         The bagpipers plan to make it a monthly event.

French, a federal firefighter, is a member of the Wind & Fire Motorcycle Club, a Firefighters organization, which is joining with the San Diego Firefighters Emerald Society, to help raise the funds to send the society's pipes and drum unit to the New York event.

         The San Diego County Firefighters Pipes and Drum are one of just a few on the West Coast to     receive an invitation to the rededication of the site, French said.

         The Wind & Fire Motorcycle Club and Emerald Society have many North County firefighter members, French said.

·        October 2004 "Classic Times Magazine"

Article by the Editor of Classic Times.  Cover page picture of W&FMC National President "JR" and members of the Central-Sierra Chapter #17.   Followed by a two page article about W&FMC on the road as a Harley riding firefighter MC.  Pictures and report on the 2004 Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Camp run at Champ Camp near Fresno, CA.

·        August 9, 2004 "Kalamazoo Gazette

Article by Brenda Webb from Portage.   Tells about firefighters and their burn camp run. W&F member Joe Ehrenberg explains what he gets from helping the kids.

·        August 12, 2004   "Central Point News"

Hog lovers gather for the Grants Pass Oregon bike show.  Article by Patricia Cruz.   W&F      members from Oregon, California and Utah attend.

·        July 25, 2002 "The Houston Chronicle"

Front page color photo in the "THIS WEEK" section the Houston Chapter received some great     coverage for the Chapter and its charity efforts at the Lonnie Kerr Camp Janus BCR.

·        December 2000 “Orange County Register

    "Santa Vrooms through Brea" by Eric Carptenter

·        August 23, 1999 “Skanska Dagbladet

Front page newspaper is a large color photo and more photo's and article on the “Wind & Fire MC charity run in Lund & Malmö, Sweden”

·        August 23, 1999 “Abetet”

         Newspaper photo and article on Wind & Fire MC charity run in Lund, Sweden

·        Sydsvenskan”, August 23, 1999

         Newspaper has a large color photo and article on the Wind & Fire MC charity run in Lund, Sweden

·        “Hilmar Times”, August, 1999

         Photos and article about the Central-Sierra Chapter and the Burn Camps run



·        Ironworks, June 1999

On page 82 there is a great story written by Mike Seate with four photos. Three photos are from the California Burn Camp Run and one is from the Kids Day Run.....very nice!

·        Ironworks, December 1999

On page 81: "Wind, Fire and 200 MPH!" There is a nice article about making Kyle Petty this year's Honorary Member. Pictured is Kyle, Southern Chapter Director Gregg Murphy, our colors "patch" and Kyle's race car.


·        Easyriders, February 2008

Article on page 66 & page 67 “A Burn Camp Run With Extra Burn” the 2007 Alisa Ann Burn Foundation run to Camp for Good Times by Evo Red

·        Easyriders, January 2005

               The Big "8" by Evo Red

On pages 112, 113 and 114 is an article about Jerry's ride to visit his brother, while taking part in the RFTW starting in California, Houston Chapter's Camp Janus Burn run in Texas, visiting his brother in Memphis and the Never Forget 343 run in Phoenix OR.

Jerry met with members all along his ride.  He met with Bruce and Richard along with many others in Texas.  He hooked up with "Long George", "JR", JW, Louie, Terry and Oregon John in Phoenix OR.

         Take a look at the great pictures from this journey.

·        Easyriders, September 2002

        Evo Red's Wild Ride - Firing Through Europe

On Pages 106, 107, 108, 109, 110 and 111 there is an article by Jerry Eibert, Founder of W&FMC. "Evo Red's Wild Ride - Firing Through Europe". The 18 photographs show     Jerry, his          wife and daughter and good friend and W&F member Berry.

·        Easyriders, February 2002

         Easynews - Wind & Fire "Benefit Runs"

    On page 27 of the February 2002 issue there is an article by Dave Nichols. He over-views our         run in Lund, Sweden; the Burn Champ Camp run near Fresno, CA; and the Ronald McDonald Camp for Good Times near Hemet, CA.

·        Easyriders, September 1999

         The front cover reads " TRUE ROAD TALE 250,000 MILES ON A SOFTAIL" article by Jerry Eibert

         On page 114 thru page118 is a very good article about Wind & Fire MC founder Jerry Eibert and his father. Covered in the article is how W&F MC was founded.

·        Easyriders, May 1999

         On page 33 there is a nice story and photo by Associate Editor Kim Peterson. The article covers the Fallen Firefighter Run hosted by the Orange County Chapter.

"SPEED CHANNEL and other TV coverage"

·        Speed Channel 1998

         Chapter #89 was invited to ride in the Grand National Football Hall A Fame Parade with the 1998 inductee Paul Kraus.

    It was a pleasure to represent the Wind & Fire MC on national TV. The chapter was on the        SPEED CHANNEL.  "Speed" spent most of the day with Paul Kraus and his brand-new Hall of Fame chopper he had built in MN.

·        Speed Channel SEPTEMBER 6th 2005

         Chapter #89 interviews and Hall of Fame festivities were aired on the Speed Channel on       September 6th 2005 at 7:30pm

·        WFAA Channel 8 Dallas

         Irving Firefighters Chapter #58 live coverage of their Parkland Foundation Burn Camp Run.


"Radio Free Biker and other radio coverage"

·        Radio Free Biker - December 14, 2005

         You can listen to W&F interviews John Robbins you president line at



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