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Vinyl LP Record Sites

Sweet Memories Record Shop!

LP2CD Audio Restorations

Diaz Records

The Internet Home of Weird Records

The Vinyl Underground

Amoeba Music

Dominic's Music



Mystery Train Records

Boston based site that deals in LP's, 8 Tracks, and more

Aquarius Records

Records for Sale at this San Francisco, CA based site

Record Collecting Resources

Massive page of links to all sorts of LP record collecting sites


San Francisco Bay Area Record Store chain. Sells new and used records and tapes.

Eargasm Records

Online record store specializing in psychodelic recordings

The Record Collectors Guild

Lots of valuable information on record collecting


Specializes in hard-to-find and out of print recordings and rare rock memorabilia

eBay Record Auctions

Try your luck at bidding on records here

Haku's House Of Jump & Rattle

Vinyl LP records for sale

Collecting Crap Records

Tips on record collecting. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Zaxxon Virile Action

Website for a vinyl record label company. Only releases music on vinyl.

Record Stores on The Internet & in Los Angeles

Lots of cool places to look for records on the internet and around LA.


World's largest catalog of music combines catalogs of thousands of discounters, importers, collectors, labels, and artists for best prices and selection of new, used, hard to find, and out of print albums.

Ferris Mastering

Professional Quality LP to CD conversion and transfer service.

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