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Wassup you have entered the domain of the most elite group in all of Tetrinet. We are the Notorious Thugz, and we tellin everyone straight up, dat we da bomb, and nobody can take us out. If you wanna join, u gotta make it by beating one of our members. Email Lilxcartmn, GigoloJae, Lilxshyboi, or KpBaByl3oi (L in boi) if u wanna join. But we don't want no faggotass pretenders, so only apply if u good. U kno we da bomb, so start emailin right now. All u other crews best watch out, cuz Notorious Thugz risin to da top


Da Story

Mad love to everyone dat be supportin wut we tryin to do. And all u playa haters in other crews tryin to shut us down, f*ck u. Nobody shuts down Notorious Thugz. We goin to da top. If any of u wanabe's want to play tetrinet wit tha pros go to notorious tnet. -|-|G 4 life BaBeE~~~~