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Notorious Thugz:

How Dis Shit Got Started Up And Where We At This Day


A Few weeks back, LI1xweirdo and Lilxcartmn started up an elite tetrinet crew called Notorious Thugz. Dey quickly got some fresh faces into da crew like Xfunknutzx and myself. Den, we kicked back, started kicking ass on tetrinet, and got newer members. Now, we stand tall at 10 members, with some more to join, ready to kick ass. We gonna go on a ladder match competition, and when we do, y'all gonna feel da power of Notorious Thugz baby! Notorious Thugz goin to da top, nobody can stop us. We got da shit playas, da bomb ass name, da dope shit webpage, and all da mad skillz in da world. So none of u faker groups try to playa-hate, if u wanna bring it, bring it. We ain't talkin shit, we bringin drama. So if u wanna play, bring yo best playaz. Dat includes u flatline, and all u pretenderz to da throne. We goin to da top. Notorious Thugz baby, remember dat name! Late, I'm done with this shit.