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BAD NEWS: It has just been announced that Gregg Alexander has reportedly locked himself in a basement & canceled all tour dates. MCA Records has confirmed this, & said that it isn't official that the band has broken up, yet.
GOOD NEWS!: Sorry for the false alarm! I just received an email from someone who works at Direct Management (NR's management), & they said that the above message is not true. They canceled their Euro tour dates to plan a new video for "Someday We'll Know," & that Gregg is not hiding in the basement. The video is being shot on the weekend of 6.19.99.
7.12.99 - What a roller coaster of confusion their management has put me thru... Gregg Alexander has indeed broken up the band, but he is now going into producing and writing albums for other artists. There is a new video for "Someday We'll Know," so keep your eyes out for it. Go to the bottom of the Magazine Articles section for all of the details.

Gregg Alexander has collaborated with Ronan Keating on Keating's new solo single 'Life Is A Rollercoaster' (which was a hit!). Click here to read all about it... Ronan Keating is releasing his album in the states soon and it contains the New Radicals song "Someday We'll Know." Also, Ronan has made another single, 'Lovin Each Day' with Gregg which reached no. 2 in the UK.

More news, Gregg has co-writen Rod Stewart's new single, "I Can't Deny It"... More about it in the Articles section...

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