I Am Garet-Jax Commander of Magic to Forbidden Playground

Well I think you came here to know me so I might as well tell you about my self. Hmm! Where to start?

Well I'm a 35 year old elf/vampire. Vampire father, elf mother, born the mortal way on mortal ground. I stepped into these lands three years ago. I was a mercenary at first than after time I became a merchantary, than just became a merchant. I joined the contingent of Kenyon, and was one of the first Crimson Lance. I decided to leave the contingent reasons are for me to know. And since i became a commander of magic i gave up being a merchant. So "TMG" is now headed by Saskla. I teach magic now in Free RPG, with a little Ad&D magic.

See i wear ember armor (restant to magic and stonger than cold steal), Two ember swords (one called Just and the other Nameless). One ember dagger with hinds blood on it (called bloody death). Since im part elf i got infravision, im imune to charm are sleep based spells. A staff that i can shrink and grow in size with has a golden emerald on it. I have a soul net up at all times. I keep 3 gems with a soul in each incase times of need (like my death). Also got a flute in a gold cast that is decorated in vampiric art, some thing of my fathers. a elven seige bow, something of my mothers. got a few necklaces, one has a angel skin ring from my mother (powers of the ring are mine to know). one with a crimson, and a razor blade feather on it. one has a gold ring with a angelskin gem in it (for portection and to link me with my aprentaces).

Since im part elf and part vampire. I have pionty teeth and ears [hehe]. I have some skill in magic and the skills of a vampire. Such as: I can cast simple fireballs, shoot lightning from my staff, form dimensional doorways, send druid flame form my fingers, and my prized spell soul-net its helped me cheat death a few times. My vampire skills include: flight, vampiric speed, I can walk on walls and ceillings. I have the eye sight of a vampire at night, The hearing and charm of a elf.

If you ever need to find me. Here's a few places to look: A Place of Magic, Castle of Time, Forbidden Playground.

A few things that can make life cruel; love, family, the heart, and many more. But we all have to live to beat life at its own game.

Well I don't know what else I can tell you, but if you want to know somthing I didn't put up E-Mail me. Garet-Jax@angelfire.com

A few of my friends sites.

Vist My Message Board: A Place Of Magic
My Chat Room On Live Universe: A Place Of Magic Chat Room

{{I would like to thank Sirenna, MaliceBliss and Sweetest Faerie. For leting me use graphics, and banners, I got from them. ~HUGS for you~ and THANK YOU}}