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Dear single (but not for a long) guys,

I am pretty sure that I have found the fastest, the most efficient and
the least costly way for you to succeed in your search for a
Russian/Ukrainian wife.

I believe that after reading many postings in various newsgroups and trying things on your
own you've got it clear that the common forms of establishing contacts with foreign ladies
have serious inherent problems:
(also you don't know how good will be translation of your letters, who actually writes her
replies, how many pieces of e-mail she received and whether she is burnt out by now, involved
with someone else, etc.)

Consider the time wasted on futile expectations, money spent on translation of "dead-end"
A few months down the road and you will still not know what is the status of your
relationships and if there are any "relationships" at all...

That’s why I am quite excited to offer you by far the best, the fastest and quite inexpensive
way to overcome all of the above problems.Here’s what I am proposing:
When you are making selections from various agencies’ catalogs try to choose the ones that
have phone numbers.
If all you could get are addresses I can help you with that too but it may take a few days.(At
the present time I am developing a huge data base of ladies’ pictures and bios that contain
phone numbers. It will be available right after the New Year).


The next step: I will make an initial 3-4 minutes introductory call to each lady (see "A"
in the price list) wherein a lady will be asked if she is available and interested to be
contacted by you. The outcome of such call could be either "interested" or "not interested".
If she is interested you may then:

1)Make a 3-way conference call wherein I can be not only a translator but also YOUR
COUNSELLOR and ADVISOR. Just think of the benefits of such a call:

   - I am a woman, a Russian woman. I can easily read between the lines and will tell
      as it is. Believe me, I will spot any gold-digger, any insincerity a mile away. You
      will not have to waste weeks/months to shuffle letters back and forth. You will be
      able to weed out the worst cases immediately.

    - Majority of women in catalogs state that they have some knowledge of the
      English language. You will find out how good or bad their English really is. From
      that point on you might be able to get along fine on just your own and will not
      need mine or anyone else’s help.

    - In the course of this conversation you may quickly learn whether the e-mail route
      vis quite a hassle for a particular lady. In fact, quite frequently men would
      interpret the lack of responses to their initial letters as a lack of interest while,
      actually, a lady could find e-mailing replies either too cumbersome, too costly or
      simply impossible to do. Knowing that you may then permanently resort to either
      regular mail or phone calls. (Keep in mind that there are plenty of discount
      programs available with the rates like .33/min for calls to Russia/Ukraine. That
      simply means less than $5 for 15 minutes call once a week or so).

    - There is no substitute for a REAL VOICE of a REAL PERSON, probably the
      next best thing to meeting the person. You will feel the energy, the passion or the
      absence of such. One may easily fall in love or grow disenchanted by hearing a
      few words, sometimes even in a foreign language (see "B"below in the price list).

    - Right after the call is completed you may want to have a brief discussion with me
      to either consider my opinion (fully or partially) or to totally ignore it (FREE).

2) Start corresponding through the media of your choice. I will do 24 hr turn-around
translations (see "C" in the price list).



"A" Initial phone call (usually about 2-3 minutes long) - $5 flat rate
        It is my responsibility to report you on results.
        You will not be charged for hang-ups or repeats.

"B" $1.75/min with $5 minimum charge.
        You will not be charged for time lost on disconnections.
        It could be either straight verbatim translation or you may
        request my immediate feedback as you need it.

"C" 3 cents per word (punctuation marks are not included).
        The price may include (at your request) comments on some
        potentially "grey" areas as well as a cultural level of a respondent.
        Prices are the same for both handwritten and typed letters.