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St. Patrick's Pack 392

Do your best.

Welcome to Pack 392's new homepage.

If you'd like to leave a message here for other members to read,

visit our new message board and drop us a line.

Pack Meet

February 28th - 7:00 pm

St Patrick's Church

February 12th - 9:00am

Lincoln March, Redlands

For more information contact your den leader

See Pack Calander for more information

Parent meet Monday the 6th of March, 7:00pm at Avilas' Home

The New Scouting year is here !!

The pack is looking forward to a great year full of adventures and learning. Check our "Calander of Events" to see what is up coming !.

The Cub Scouts are going to be busy this year !!

We will be doing some of our traditional events. Fishing derby at Lake Perris, trail clearing at our "Enchanted Trail" up at Dogwood campground, Rose parade construction, JPL open house, Fourth of July Parade, Archery, you know, the usual !

This year we have plans to go to Calico Ghost Town to pan for gold and tell ghost stories, try out some skiing and snowball fights, see if we can see some of the whales off our coast, maybe even check out Joshua Tree Nat'l Park and see if we can help out the rangers a bit !

This is just a small taste of what Pack # 392 is all about. It's a chance for parents and their kids to have some adventures, learn more about each other and learn about the world together !!!

Pack # 392 of St Patrick's would like to thank all those leaders and parents that make an difference in our pack and the lives of our children . Keep up the good work, it shows in our kids faces!!!

NOW !!!! Is a great time to join in the scouting fun !!

For more information, please contact the church or look for our flyer at the church.

We have Pack meets at the church on the last Monday of the month.

Our next pack meet will be on February 28th at 7:00pm.

Vistors are always welcomed !!

Click on a badge or tiger cub icon for more information on the Dens !!

Page Established: September 5, 1998

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