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I Think That I Shall Never See A Finished Genealogy.....

Hello, welcome to my genealogy home page! I have been researching my family genealogy since January of 1998. I have come a long way in my research and it has been a wonderful and very educational process for me, as well as a heck of a lot of fun! I have met so many fun, interesting and nice people on my journey. Some of whom are a part of my tree and some who have ancestors who were friends, in-laws, and neighbors to my ancestors. I am always happy to share what information I have and to lend a helping hand when I can.

Throughout my web site, you will find my different family tree branches, as well as e-mail addresses for other researchers who are researching various branches of my family tree. I encourage you to check back often, ancestor information changes periodically and genealogy information will be updated as I find the time.

I would like to hear from anyone with a family connection or a suspected family connection. I've yet to meet a member of my tree who is a stranger! If you have any ideas or submissions, send me an e-mail, I'd love to hear from you!