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So You Wanna Stack. . .

ECA Stack is the name applied to the combination of ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin given in specific ratios used to increase fat loss and treat obesity. It works by increasing calories wasted in the form of excess body heat (thermogenesis). The ECA Stack is safe and effective for weight loss when used as directed.


The above to be taken together once or twice a day to start (3-5 days), 3 times a day thereafter. Most effective when taken 30 minutes before working out or 30-45 minutes before meals. You can elect to not increase frequency to three times a day if two dosings or less give desired results. Under no circumstances should one increase dosing to more than 3 times a day. Some folks elect to Stack for 5 days and cycle off two days while others Stack for 2 days and cycle off one day.


The addition of B vitamins may help with any feelings of short-temperedness that occur as a result of Stacking. Vitamin C can also be used to help with the bruising that can occur while dieting and Stacking.


Not everyone should Stack with ECA. Read and heed the labels on the bottles of the above medications. If you experience *excessive* nervousness or anxiety while Stacking discontinue use immediately.

Please Note that the Stack can be purchased in a pre made form at any health food or vitamin store. Look at the ingredient list of any diet aid claiming to be "thermogenic" or "fat burning". If it includes all of the following MaHuang (or ephedra), willow bark, gotu kola and/or guarana it is an herbal Stack. Don't pay more than $30 US per month for any prepared Stack as it is cheap and easy to assemble from ingredients available at your local pharmacy or via the Internet.

Some folks have sent me e mail asking for specific product info. Although reluctant to recommend anything in particular, Bronkaid (an asthma med) can be used in the Stack because it contains the required ephedrine hydrochloride.

I have recently purchased SportPharma's "Thermadrene" and found it satisfactory in both price and ease of use. It costs around 12 bucks a bottle and only requires 1 pill taken twice daily. It is available at GNC and other helath food stores. You may even be able to find it at your local pharmacy.

Can't Find Stack Stuff in Your Area? Find out if it is legal then check this site:

Some place that I am not connected to in any way