Name: Peace and Freedom McCormack
AKA: Malcolm Essex AKA Gary Truedove AKA Mark Fish AKA...
Age: 51
Eyes: Green
Hair: Grey
Known Relatives: Sheryl-Ann McCormack-Michaelson (mother), Brad Michaelson (step-father/adoptive father, deceased), Grant Michaelson (inlaw), Morris & Gerry Michaelson (inlaw) , Grant & Morris Michaelson (more inlaws), Grace Michaelson (C.T.R., inlaw), Barry Michaelson (step-brother), Brad Michaelson (step-brother, deceased), Brice Michaelson (step-brother), Binky Michaelson (step-sister), many many step-nieces & nephews, Sasha Blue (son), Sarah Blue (daughter)
Group Affilation: G.O.O.D., Birds of Prey, CIA (former), USMC (former)
Base of Operations: Mobile
D.O.B. 1969


Peace's mother was a hippy and she couldn't tell him who his father was if she even wanted. In 1980, when he was 11, she had moved on from the free-wheeling drug and love scene of hippy-dom and later disco, and had become an ultra right-wing conservative in order to attract a more permanent man to care for her and Peace. She found such a man in Brad Michaelson. They wed, and Brad adopted Peace; the two parents even changed his name legally to Brent at Brad's behest. This vexed Peace.

Regardless, Barry was born less than a year later, and the other kids quickly followed. Peace's ire towards his new family (save for his mother, who he understood and pitied) went relatively unnoticed.

In his early teens (13-15 or so) Peace held associations with a lot of shady types, running drugs, guns, extortion, pimping, the whole nine yards. He hated all of it but saw it as a necessary evil.

At 16 he used his underworld connections to secure a false identity for himself (then, learning where the false identity came supplied form, acquired another one without his connections' knowledge. That same year, he arranged for his boss and other thugs to die in a bombing designed to look like another gang hit; he arranged things to appear as if he died in the bombing as well.

As Mark Fish he enrolled in the US Marine Corps, eventually worked with the CIA, spent a few years as an assassin, and in 2003 joined the forces of G.O.O.D.

Backing up a year...

In 2002 he was hired by a major Russian cartel to kill the only daughter of their sole competetor. Peace took the job with nary a qualm, and then did the one thing he knew better than to do: he got too close to her, too attached. When the time came, he couldn't kill Misha, they had become lovers and he had fallen for her deeply. He told her the truth about why he was with her, and helped arrange for her to escape and gain a new life, on the sole condition provided by her that he not know who she become and never seek her out again. Devastated, he commisserated; knowing she was alive but untouchable, unseeable... was better than knowing he was party to her death. Eight months later, safe and secure in her new identity and life in Cannes, she gave birth to his twin children and raised them to believe their father was a dead musician.

Peace has been a solid reliable of G.O.O.D. ever since, and true to his word, has never sought out his love, and knows nothing of his children. He provides for the comfort and health of his aging mother in secret, ensuring she has the best of care.

Powers and Abilities

Peace discovered during his time in the USMC that he radiates a distortion field. He can control the distance it radiates (max one foot) and even turn it off. The field saps energies, be they electronic, metahuman energy or even lifeforce if he so wills it.

Peace is trained in many forms of hand-to-hand combat, military strategy, firearms, demolitions, espionage, technology, chemistry, piloting many forms of craft. To this day he maintains connections to the various mobs, triads, yakuza, cartels, etc. that prove useful to him.