Real Name: Chizuko "Zuki" Pei
Alter Ego: Morph
Known Relatives: Toshio Pei (father, estranged), Midori Howard Pei (mother, deceased), Wilhelm Schoenauer (husband), Xaver Schoenauer (step-son)
Occupation: Supermodel
Group Affiliation:
Height: (as Zuki) 5'10" (as Morph) 5'8"
Weight: 145
Appearance: As Morph, Zuki eradicates her Japanese features and appears to be of European descent. Base of Operations: New York, Berlin


Zuki Pei grew up not far from Tokyo, though she went to New York with her parents whenever she had a break from school. Her mother was an American citizen, and Zuki has dual citizenship.

When Zuki was twelve, her father discovered that her mother was a shape-changer, and Toshio swore he would divorce her. Zuki's mother committed suicide rather than have that happen, and sent a letter to Zuki explaining what happened, warning her never to reveal her soon-to-emerge powers to anyone. She had told Zuki how her family had been rewarded with powers after saving a mage centuries ago while Zuki was growing up.

After her mother committed suicide, Zuki was sent to a boarding school in Europe. After she graduated, her father sent her to the family penthouse in New York, and Zuki was discovered by a modeling agency. Despite her father's disapproval, Zuki became a fashion model.

As part of a business deal, Toshio arranged Zuki's marriage to Wilhelm Schoenauer, the major stockholder and president/CEO of an international corporation. Zuki did not want to get married, but Toshio threatened to ruin her career and her mother's name if she didn't. Zuki followed her father's decree and has not spoken to him since. She spends most of her time away from her husband.

Since she found modeling a far from fulfilling career, Zuki decided to use her powers to help spread good through the world to atone for her mother's suicide and father's intolerance as Morph.


Morph can shape change into any animal or object and stretch. She can also make herself look like anyone she wants to, as well as blast people with magical energy and teleport short distances. Her powers don't work in close vicinity to Buddhist temples in deference to her ancestors. She also has a weakness against jade.