Blue Bird

Name: Mitzi Victor
Relatives: Athena Tremor Victor (Mother), Myron Victor (Father-Deceased), Angel O'Day Simeon (Aunt), Sam Simeon (Uncle), Mary (Twin Sister)
Ht: 57
Wt: 115 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Group Affiliation: Birds of Prey, G.O.O.D.
Base Of Operations: Mobile.
D.O.B. 2001


Mitzi Victor is the daughter of Myron and Athena Victor, otherwise known as Merryman and Dumb Bunny of the Inferior Five. It was realized pretty early on that Athena's strength had been passed on to Mitzi, but not to Mitzi's twin sister Mary (currently Merrygirl of the new Inferior Five).

The other memebers of the original Inferior Five (Awkward Man, The Blimp and White Feather) took it upon themselves to train Mitzi in the ways of being a Super-Hero. Sadly they really didn't know that much about the subject themselves.

Mitzi also inherited her mothers beauty, and when she was 16 she became a model, like her mither was before her, and is making a good living at it. At about the same time she decided to follow in the family tradition and become a Super-Hero. As her hero name, she chose the nickname her mother called her when she was a little girl, "Blue Bird."

Powers and Abilities

Mitzi is superstrong and can lift a few tons. Her body is also superdense and can withstand alot of damage. She has some (but not much) skills in hand to hand fighting and can use a bow and arrow pretty well, which she learned from her "uncle" White Feather.


Like her mother, Mitzi is a little on the dense side, in fact she's a total ditz. She also tends to act without thinking. She is very innocent and tends to see things as black and white rather than shades of grey.