Name: Missy Smith
Age: 25
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Known Relatives: She has a huge southern u.s. family. Her parents are Bob and Carol. She has 11 brothers and sisters.
Group Affilation: G.O.O.D., Birds of Prey
Base of Operations: Mobile
D.O.B. 1995


When she was 13 Missy ran away from home. That year she was kidnapped off the streets by bikers, raped countless times by them, forced to turn tricks and fell heavy into drugs and alcohol as a result (she has absolutely no attraction, nor even like for men due to this experience).

At 15 she was arrested and imprisoned for murdering and robbing a John who got too rough.

In prison, her metahuman powers were realized only after two more years of abuse at the hands of both guards and her fellow inmates. One of her fellow inmates attacked her during lawn duty with a rake, Missy bears three harsh horizontal scars across her face from this attack. Missy meanwhile grew claws and eviscerated the other inmate during the fight. This led to months of solitary, more abuse from guards & the warden and her eventual rescue at the hands of the Avengers.

She spent three years on the Avengers, her bloodthirsty demeanor barely tolerated (yet encouraged by Bishop Michaelson in secret, usually while they were sleeping together), until sometime during her 20th year when she was kidnapped by the forces of E.V.I.L.

During her next three years, as an agent of E.V.I.L. she came to realize she didn't like playing the bad-guy, saw that the agents of G.O.O.D. had a lot more perks and defected. She's been with them now for the past two years.


Missy is a very haunted individual. She carries herself as someone very hard-hearted, having repressed so much abuse that all that seems to remain of her is anger. Her trauma has also left her insecure, especially about her appearance due to her many many scars--predominantly the ones upon her face.

Powers and Abilities

Missy has the power to grow three-inch claws from her fingertips, strong enough to shred steel. She can also fly under her own power.