Mary Marvel


Real Name: Mary Bromfeld
Eyes: Blue
Status: Deceased Family: Billy Batson AKA Captain Marvel (Twin brother-Deceased)
Group Affiliation: Titans


Mary is the fraternal twin of Billy Batson, Captain Marvel. At birth, a nurse switched Mary with a baby of a rich couple, whose baby was stillborn. Years later, Billy Batson is hosting the "Mental Marvel" show on WHIZ radio, and one of the contestants, Mary Bromfeld, is wearing a chain with half of a locket that Billy recognises. They compare halves and discover their missing twin. Mary was later kidnapped, only to be rescued by Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. They revealed their secret to Mary, and switched back to their human counterparts. Meanwhile, the kidnappers that Captain Marvel and CMJ had knocked out began to come to. They quickly bound and gagged Billy and Freddy, when Mary blurted "Oh No! They can't say Shazam!" BOOM! Down comes the magic lightning and Mary Marvel saving the day. Later on, Shazam reveals that Mary gets her powers from six goddesses (one of whom is actually a male)

Mary died in battle against the evil villain, Teekl.