Name: Mara Ramirez
Other aliases: Aztek II
Age: 15
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black with blonde highlights
Known Relatives: Lupe Ramirez Marin (mother), Juan Marin (step-father), Hidalgo Montoya (great-uncle), Emilio Montoya (grandfather), Carlotta Montoya (grandmother), Javier Zapata (great-grandfather), Javier Marin (half-brother), Jaime Marin (half-brother), Angela Marin (half-sister).
Group Affilation: YJ
Base of Operations: Theodore Knight Academy, Opal City.
D.O.B. Feb. 2nd, 2005


There are legends and there are prophecies that found the very lives and actions of many people across the universe, some tell of last judgements, others of divine creators and yet others still of the second coming of gods long departed. One such group of legends that originated in the Mexican area tell of two gods Tezcatlipoca the shadow god and Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent). Whether these beings exists as true gods as we have seen in the DCU is unknown.

What is known is that sometime in the ancient to near-historic past two beings fought, one named Quetzalcoatl defeated the other allegedly darker force named Tezcatlipoca. In the aftermath of the battle Quetzalcoatl departed to parts unknown leaving behind his battle helmet and a prophecy that Tezcatlipoca would return to destroy the world and that a chosen champion prepared and ready would become the vessel for the return of Quetzalcoatl. With their battle concluded the followers of Quetzalcoatl strayed from the teaching and he destroyed his human vessel as a gesture to them. Since that day an organization has existed in order to prepare and train the next vessel for the feathered serpent god on the day of his return, they are the custodians of his original battle helmet and have built up an elaborate conspiracy of influential figures and business men across the world. They failed unsuccessfully to recruit the father of Bruce Wayne and have multi-billionaire businessman and criminal mastermind Lex Luthor as one of their principal US contacts (Luthor albeit with his own agenda). They have been called many things, the Q Foundation, the Q Brotherhood, the Q-Society, they are all names each as meaningful or as meaningless as the next. They wait for the return of the ancient gods to are area of the America pacific north-west that is today home to the city of Vanity.

The previous Aztek eventually went into hiding, trying to escape from the Q Foundation, in addition to this he cast the helmet into one of the deepest bogs in Louisiana. How Lupe Ramirez came to locate and retrieve the helmet is unknown, but she held and kept the helmet in secrecy for years before shoving it onto her daughter without any rhyme or reason, sending the girl away from the only family she knows to a school of crazy superkids.

Mara is extremely bitter about being sent away by her mother, and being forced into superheroing (although she secretly thrills a great deal about the superheroing itself--she loves the power and attention) so much so that she refuses to talk to her mother at all. Mara never knew her father, or his identity, and is now driven with the compulsion to one day know and meet him. Until then she performs as adequate as necessary in her studies and does her best to be a useful member of Young Justice.

In her first year at the Academy Mara came to find love, and lose love, to discover innate powers she held little control over and to find herself struggling to find herself and to form bonds with her peers. The summer break was a time of introspection and deep soul searching for her, coming back to school with a desire to have her second year go better than the first and all but abandoning the Aztek identity as she works to learn the extent of her lycanthropic and mystical powers.

Powers and Abilities

Aztek posses a helmet which grants her various powers including flight, super strength, x-ray vision, and infa-red vision. She can fire cables, wire nets, and blasts of plasma. With her helmet Aztek can retrieve the memories and skill of her predecessors. If she were to go unconscious the helmet would take control of her consciousness.

Mara has a supernatural heritage to which she is only newly aware: her mother (in fact her entire known family) is a genetic werewolf--born with the power to take the form of wolf, and a hybrid form of wolf and man. Unlike afflicted werewolves, this ability is not limited nor is it controlled by the cycles of the moon. She's well aware of this heritage, though she rarely transforms herself, what she doesn't realize is that her mother was also a Vauduin Priestess of some decent amount of power, and that she herself posesses latent magic talent that would one day eclipse that of her mother's (the helmet was in reality forced upon her as a means of keeping her magical powers in check, as her mother has seen dark portents in relation to her daughter embarking upon her mystical abilities).