Name: Lita Biri Crane
Known Relatives: Metal Man(Adoptive Father), Stephanie Crane (Adoptive Sister), Lagoon Man ( God Father)
Hair: Variable, currently prefers a deep red
Eyes: Variable, curently prefers purple
Skin Color: Variable; but usually perfers her racial blue
Ht: Variable, in merform from head to tip of tail 6’4”, in ‘normal’ human form about 5’7”
Wt: Varies slighty but stays around 180.
Group Affiliation: Watchmen
Base Of Operation: Watchmen Satellite, but often vists Father at New Oa and Atlantis.
D.O.B. Unknown but around 2005

Origin: Lita was abandoned on a reef by her Poseidonis birth parents. They knew she was different, and decided like most Atlantians that this was a bad thing. She was found several hours later by Metal Man on his way to Atlantis. He took the baby with him, and had Vulko check her out while he spoke to King Arthur. Metal then spent a week checking in on her as Vulko did tests. At the end of the week Vulko pronounced that Lita was a healthy meta mer girl and that her meta powers would indeed allow her to live with Metal in the JSA manison. So Metal adopted the baby naming her Lita Biri Crane.

After a special nursery was designed for Lita, by Steel III with help via Dr Fate, she joined the other kids of the JSA. Metal delighted in Lita’s ability to modify her body... while she wasn’t a true shapechanger, it was amazing what she could do. Metal asked his friend Lagoon Boy( now Lagoon Man) to be her god father. While he raised her most of the time on land with her ‘sister’ Steph, Metal wanted Lita to understand her heritage- and so would send Lita during the summers to live in Atlantis. When Steph went to the Knight Academy, Metal would sometimes take leave of absenses and go with Lita to Atlantis.

In 2019- Lita was getting ready to go to the Academy herself. She had heard good things about it from her sister. She also was hoping for some interaction with other kids like herself- metas. Then Steel III stopped by, and rather than wanting to talk to the JSA or Metal, he wanted to talk Lita. It seemed that the Watchmen had a difficult case which they thought Lita might be able to help with. Lita needed little convincing.... but Metal a little more. Metal had a closed door meeting with Steel. The up shot was so long as Steel made sure that Lita worked towards an online high school degree, that he make sure she had a nice pool to sleep in and kept Metal informed about what was going on, Lita would be allowed to do what she wanted

Training: While Lita has not gone the Knight Academy- she’s still managed to learn from some of the best. From her ‘grampa’ Wildcat she’s learnt fistacuffs, When she visited her sister at the Academy she got pointers from Red on how to use her morphing abilities, and while he was alive - her monarch King Arthur taught her how best to fight undersea.

Powers: Lita has the ability to modify/evolve her body. She is able to change her hair, eye and skin color. She has complete control over her tail and turns it into legs without thinking. She is able to make it so that she can breathe air or water, or even like one of Steel’s transuit trace elements of space. She can survive any element that she’s thus far been thrown in. Like all undersea dwellers- her hearing is much better, and she is alot stronger than she looks- owing to being able to survive at the high underwater pressures that Atlantis exist in.

Lita has recently started experimenting to see if she can make her muscles more dense and thus increase her super stregth. She is also trying to see if she can make posions....

Personality: Growing up in the house of JSA, Lita has a clear sense of right and wrong. While she has fun with ethic talks with Trickster, she usually will not be swayed from her original view. She loves and admires her sister Stephanie. Though they could not be more different genetically- in all the ways that count they are loving sisters. Lita loves life, in all it’s forms. Her favorite bedtime story was Horton Hears a Who-’ Because a person’s a person no matter what size’... Recently Lita has come to the conclusion that what her father needs is not another daughter but a wife....