Name: Lacey Evans
Age: 21
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Known Relatives: Jennifer Evans (adopted mother), Dermot Evans (adopted father), Robert Evans (adopted brother), Clarissa Tyler Hall (birth mother), Reuben Hall (stepfather), Kristin Hall (half-sister), Domenic Hall (half-brother)
Group Affilation: former Young Justice (graduated 2016), Outsiders
Base of Operations: mobile
D.O.B. 1999


While Clarissa Tyler was in college, she ended up pregnant by a man she'd met at a concert. He said his name was Ben, but she never saw him again, and he never called. Not ready for parenthood, she arranged an open adoption.

Lacey grew up in a loving home, and she enjoyed the visits from Clarissa. She considers her younger half-siblings to be more like cousins than brother and sister. Her childhood was fairly normal, and no one knew she was metahuman until she accidentally lightning bolted Robert when she was thirteen. Fortunately, he only received second degree burns on his back, where the bolt hit. Concerned that she might accidentally harm someone else, her parents sent her to the Knight Academy, asking them to teach her to use her powers properly.

While at the Knight Academy, Lacey was invited to join Young Justice, and she jumped at the chance. Up until she became a hero, Lacey had planned to be a cardiologist when she grew up. After graduation, she joined the Outsiders with Black Condor III, her old roommate, though she plans to return to school eventually to get her degree and fulfill her earlier dream.

Powers and Abilities

In addition to the basic skills taught at the Knight Academy, Jolt can teleport, shoot lightning bolts, and fly.


Jolt is extremely persistent. When she decides to do something, she stops at nothing to get what she wants.