Iron Munro

Real name: Kyle Maximoff Munro
Known Relatives: Arnold Raymond Munro (Iron Munro, Father), Helena Kosamtos (Fury, Mother), Lyta Hall (Fury II, Sister), Daniel (Dream; Lord Of Dreams; The Sandman, Nephew), Hugo Danner (Grandfather, Presumed Deceased), Anna Blake Munro (Grandmother, Presumed Deceased), John Munro (Step-Grandfather), Hippolyta (Grandmother), Johnny Quick (God Uncle), Liberty Bell (God Aunt)
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 215
Eyes: White
Hair: Black with White Stripe in the middle


Kyle was born of two parents who both have very tragic pasts, but his life went very well for most of his life. He did not realize that he had powers until he was around 16 when he was out playing with some friends and could not get down from the tree they had climbed. He was floating and was caught up in the branches, his father then had to knock the tree down in order to free is son. Arn Munro had given up his heroing days in order to spend time with the love of his life Helena. Never knowing that his parents were heroes in their own right, or that they even had any type of powers he never grew up wanting to be like the heroes of yester year. Kyle upon learning of his powers began testing his limits, with the help of his father he was then accepted into The knight academy at the age of 16 still kind of new to his powers but knowing that he wants to learn to better control them. May have more powers but does not know about them or has tried them, he knows some things about magic and has dreams about things in Greece that don’t make sense to him. His mother fears the curse that the Furies put on her family will try to use Kyle to finish what they could not.


Can lift about 3 tons, cannot carry the weight but can throw it short distances. (I.e., about 100 feet or so) Has the Amazonian ability to glide on the wind and fly. (Still has trouble controlling it though) Is far faster than peak human. (About 4x faster) Has very hard skin, making it very hard to puncture or cut. Can stop a bullet but still get bruised, has not really tested this out allot due to the pain it causes. Can heal 5x faster than normal human and has about 5x the stamina of a normal human in top physical condition. Also emits pheromone that attracts women to him and makes men be weary. (Does not completely understand this or how it works… still afraid to ask a girl out. Comes from his father’s ability to do the same)