Real Name: Samihara (Sami) Pong
Known Relatives: Amiko Pong (mother, deceased) Wopan Pong (father, deceased)
Height: 4'10''
Weight: 70 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Age: 15, though he appears to be 8


Sami had a great life, he was born into a well to do family, with two great parents, he went to private school throughout his child hood, excelling in mathematics. Unfortunately, Sami had a very rare disease, where, when he reached the age of eight, his body simply stopped growing. To make matters worse, when Sami turned nine, he developed the metahuman power of extremely strong telekinesis. After a few accidents with classmates, his parents could no longer keep him in school, so he stayed at home, isolated from the world. When Sami was eleven, he and his family were attacked by a gang attempting to loot his house, he was able to defend himself but unfortunately, both of his parents were shot and killed. After the death of his parents, Sami was bounced around from orphanages for three years, none of them being able to keep him for very long due to his powers. So, when he was fourteen, he escaped from an orphanage in Tokyo, fled to the U.S., and has been living on the streets ever since. While living on the ststreets, Sami mastered his powers, defending himself, and stealing food to survive. He helps people when he can, and dreams of being a superhero.


Sami has extremely strong and extremely precise telekinesis, able to lift up to 750 lbs, and pick the hairs off of people's heads, one by one