Real Name: John Chan
Occupation: History Student, Hero
Known Relatives: Valcan, Kregar (ancestors, deceased)
Group Affilation: The Leymen (a.k.a Primal Force, former)
Base of Operations: Mobile
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black


The story of the Claw begins many centuries ago. On Pytharia, a planet located far from our own, a man seeking knowledge unknowingly unleashed a powerful demon. The demon scarred the man in an unusual manner - he turned the man's right hand into a furry, purple claw. The claw-mark was passed down onto all of the man's male decendents. One of these decendents was Valcan, a warrior of incredible skill mastered in all known combat forms.

More recently, the claw mark became part of young Chinese History student, John Chan. Although not a direct decendent of Valcan, John purchased the severed purple claw as well as a mystic sword, believing them to be old historical weapons. Upon buying the items, the severed claw became alive, cut off John's right hand with the sword, and mounted itself on his right arm. The claw mark gave John strong, dark powers, which John began to use as the Hero/Vigilante known as Claw.

When disaster was about to occur, the being known as Maltis summoned together his Brotherhood of Leymen. His original Leymen turned their backs to him, so Maltis assembled a new group to fight the upcoming evil. Claw was one of the heroes chosen to fight for this cause. Claw worked well with the other Leymen, and helped stop the likes of the Minotour, Cataclysm, and his old enemy the Silver Dragon. Claw also embarked on a little known relationship with teammate Meridian.

John lost control of the claw mark many times during his time as a Leyman. After the claw mark attempted to control his soul one time too many, Claw severed the mark off his arm and body. The wound was fatal, and Claw decided to have the claw mark re-attached in order to save his life. Claw has continues his life of heroism despite the break-up of the Leymen.

Powers and Abilites

Claw is an amazing fighter and swordsman. The demon claw mark provides Claw with incredible strength and duriability, protects Claw from fatal wounds, and warns Claw (yes, the claw mark can talk) of upcoming danger. However, the claw mark is at constant war with Claw, and is forever attempted to turn him evil. Claw's sword may be the mystical Moonthorn, and may have once belonged to Valcan.