Name: Isaiah Crockett
Age: 38
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black (shaves bald)
Known Relatives: Mandy Crockett (Wife), John Henry Crockett (Son), Audrey Crockett (Daughter), Raymond Crockett (Son)
Group Affilation: Watchmen
Base of Operations: Watchmen Satellite
D.O.B. 1983


Like others from his incarnation of the Teen Titans, Isaiah is a child of a human woman and a member of the alien H'Sann Natall. For a time, he was believed to have died while on one of the Titans' missions, only to be found months later, alive and well, and enhanced by the alien Psions.

Isaiah spent his years heroing on a regular basis, but never receiving the notoriety of many other of Earth's heroes. That never really bothered him, however. His wife is a normal woman he met while attendiing night courses at Columbia University in New York, and his family lives with him on the Watchmen Satellite during the summers and X-mas holidays.

Powers and Abilities

Joto can produce and manipulate heat. Thanks to the Psions, he has enhanced strength and stamina, not of any horrible level, but stronger than the average metahuman w/o superstrength. Isaiah is also fairly smart.