Invisible Justice

Real name: Unknown
Alias: "Justicia Abrigado"
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Affiliation: Justice Society of America
Base of Operations: El Paso, Texas

History: It was August, 1939 when the masked hero known as The Invisible Hood made his first recorded appearance. Just like any mystery man of that era, little was known about the man under the mask, but in the case of The Invisible Hood...even less so. His origin to this day is still unknown. What is known is that The Hood wore a hooded costume treated with a "secret chemical" that renders the costume invisible. Using this discovery for the benefit of mankind, he donned a chemically treated costume of his own design to become the Hooded Justice, an unseen avenger of wrongs. But in his second adventure changes his name to the Invisible Justice, and upon further adventures, his most commonly know alias of the Invisible Hood. Operating out of New York, the Invisible Hood managed to make a small name for himself as one of the earliest masked crime-fighters.

In 1941, super hero Uncle Sam had a vision of Japanese zeroes bombing an American naval base, while he is fighting a group of homegrown fascists called Steel Helmets. With the threat impending, Uncle Sam recruited The Invisible Hood along with other heroes Miss America, the Red Torpedo, Neon the Unknown; Magno the Magnetic Man, plus the more experienced Hourman who first referred to this group as "Freedom Fighters." This first set of Freedom Fighters engaged a group of Japanese zeroes over the Pacific Ocean, including a kamikaze, on December 7, 1941. This team succeeded in preventing the first wave of Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor, but Uncle Sam's first incarnation of Freedom Fighters are apparently all killed in their first foray (although it is later revealed Neon The Unknown and Magno are the only ones to actually perish). Only Uncle Sam escaped relatively unscathed.

As it turns out though, that when the navy ships that eventually found Uncle Sam and Miss America arrive, they don't realize that the Hood is still alive (or there at all) because he's invisible! The Japanese eventually find the unconscious Hood, and fish him out of the Pacific. The Invisible Hood was held in the captivity of the Japanese along with Hourman, who was also captured. The Invisible Hood was tortured constantly and interrogated about what the source of his powers were, or any other American secrets they thought he would know, but throughout this, he managed to stay tight lipped.

Following his rescue The Invisible Hood returned to the United States. There, the Invisible Hood finally revealed his identity to the nation as Kent Thurston, a chemist. Due to the punishment inflicted on him in Japan, Thurston went into semi-retirement and moved to Austin, Texas. Because of this retirement, he was never a member of the All-Star Squadron. His infrequent adventures during this era of semi-retirement are undocumented, but it is known that he made team-ups with both Hourman and Doll Man somewhere in this time period. It was in 1974 when Thurston donned the Hood for a final time to battle the Mist and The Icicle. In that battle, The Invisible Hood was killed and Kent Thurston took the secret of his invisibility with him to his grave.

Now, 46 years after his death, a new "Invisible Justice" emerges out of El Paso, Texas with powers and a uniform very similar to the original. As of yet, this incarnation's relation to the original is unknown.

Powers: The only known powers of this Invisible Justice is invisibility and to see things that are invisible. Seems to be a trained fighter as well.