Real Name:Hank Hall
Occupation:College Student
Group affiliation: None
Eyes:White (Hawk) / Brown (Hank)

Powers and Skills:

To activate his powers, there must be danger nearby, and Hank must speak the word "Hawk". When he does he transforms into his costume which can not be removed until the danger or injustice has passed and he reverts to his normal self. When transformed Hawk is conduit of Chaos. He can lift about 3 tons, has super human stamina and endurance, and is extremely dense, which makes him resistant to bullets (though he does feel the sting). He can take alot of damage before the effects begin to show. Hawk also heals faster then normal. His greatest weapon is his unpredictability. He always does the last thing you would expect (usually because no sane person would try it), and often succeeds where others would fail because his opponent is not ready for him. In Dove's words, Hawk is "all strength and fury."


Hawk's main disadvantage is his lack of planning or strategy. He just does things without thinking them through (or if he tries to think them through, usually fails to see all the possible angles). So anything that requires puzzling things out would tend to foil him. The more orderly he needs to be, the less likely he is to succeed. Also, he is extremely over-confident and never holds back. And he always, ALWAYS plays to win. Period.


Hank and Don Hall were brothers, sons of judge Irwin Hall of Washington D.C. When they were both still teenagers, Judge Hall presided over the case of a criminal syndicate leader known as Dargo. Judge Hall gave Dargo the maximum sentence, so he put out a contract on Hall. His goons came after the judge, locking Don and Hank in a room at their headquarters to "keep them quiet." It was hopeless... the boys voiced the wish to have some sort of power to break out of the room and save their father. At this point, they heard voices in their heads, which said, "Power? You wsih Power? Your wish shall be granted." Hank celebrated over power, the ability to put the hurt on villains, while Don just wanted to save his fater, not smash criminals. The voices responded, "We seem to have here a Hawk and a Dove. So be it! Whenever injustice strikes, you need only speak your names, "hawk" and "dove", and you shall be transformed! Whatever you could do moments age now, in costume, you can do ifninitely better.... and when your powers are no longer needed, you will revert to your ordinary selves." And so, Hank and Don spoke their names, transformed into Hawk and Dove, and saved their father. They then became superheroes, fighting criminals in the Washington D.C. area. Finally, during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Dove was killed while rescuing children from a falling building.

After that, Hawk went out of control. He battered villains as before, but there was something else... a desparation, a level of violence... that had not been there before. He was missing his Dove. Finally (in the Hawk and Dove mini-series (1988)), Dawn Granger, who had been given Dove's powers when he died, met up with Hawk as he tangled with the villain Kestrel. Kestrel had been sent to earth by the Lords of Chaos to kill Hawk and Dove, and the two heroes teamed up to stop him, after which, they became partners.