Name: Guy AlanRayner
Age: 17
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Known Relatives: Alan Scott (Sentinel, Grand-father), Rose Forrest (Rose/Thorn, Grandmother, deceased), Maura Rayner (Grandmother), Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern, Father), Jennie-Lynn Rayner (Jade, Mother), Todd Rice (Obsidian, Uncle, deceased), Alexandra Wellington Rayner (Green Lantern, Sister), Theodore Johnathan Rayner (Brother), Guy Gardner (Godfather).
Group Affilation: Young Justice
Base of Operations: Opal City, but also frequents New Oa and Apokolips.
D.O.B. 2003


Kyle and Jennie Rayner rang in the new millenium at the hospital where, after 18 hours of labor, Alexandra Wellington Rayner was born, followed eitgh minutes later by Theodore Johnathan Rayner. Neither parent was alarmed by the presence of green skin on baby Todd. The parents tried their best to protect the kids from the luunacy of their superheroic lives, not to much success as all of their family and friends were connected to the meta-human community in one form or another. This didn't change one whit when little Guy was born two years later. That would be the last child however, for (like his namesake) Guy proved troublesome to such a degree as a child that Jade marched Kyle off to the "vets" for The Operation.

Taking a job teaching at the Knight Academy when the twins were eight, the whole clan was uprooted from their home in Southern California and transplanted north to Opal City. All three kids were immediately enrolled.

After the dissolution of the Justice Society in 2012, Alan Scott changed his name to Sentinel and, assisted by other Lanterns, formed a second moon in orbit over the planet, dubbing it New Oa. From there, Scott would be the ever-watchful father trying to keep his eye on the world. The Rayners would prove frequent visitors.


Guy is every parent's nightmare.

Guy Gardner and Guy Rayner postively adore each other. Guy Rayner positively worships his godfather and has done everything in his power to learn every Guy story he could ever get someone to share with him. He taught himself computers well enough to hack the Justice League's computers in 2011, just so he could read about all of their exploits that ever involved Guy. And he spends every waking minute trying to emulate his hero. Keeping in contact with the elder Guy, even after his relocation to Apokolips, it's Guy's dream to first follow in Guy's footsteps by being the One True Green Lantern (a goal hampered by his inability to convince anyone to give him a ring) and a hero of the League, and later find himself a tough-as-nails Apokolips broad to shack up with--just like Guy Gardner. His hero.

Powers and Abilities

Guy threw his everything into his physical studies and is by far one of the finest athletes to come out of the Academy. Though not the finest martial artist, he did end up one of Ted Grant's best pupils in the Academy's boxing ring. As for the other studies... it would seem that he's either slightly smarter than he lets on, or even the Academy has a sliding scale--afraid to flunk him and subject themselves to further years of him.

Guy is also a meta-human, though he hates his powers--controlling the growth of flowers. Flowers are for sissies like his brother.