Real Name: Beatriz Bonilla DaCosta Wolf
Known Aliases: Green Flame & Green Fury
Eye/Hair Color: Green/Green
Age: Mid to Late Twenties
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Morgen Wolf (husband)
Birthplace: Somewhere in Brazil
Area of Ops: New York City, New York
Occupation: Super-heroine, Former exotic dancer, Former Brazilian Intelligence Agent, Adventurer, and Model.
Group Affiliation: Former member of the Justice League of America, Justice League International, and Global Guardians.
Special Powers/Abilities: Fire possesses the meta-human ability to create powerful green bursts of flame which she can project and use as her primary form of defense and offense as well as can surround herself in this green flame becoming a flame being in order to allow her to fly, however the full extent of these powers have not yet been shown in combat.


Beatriz DeCosta was has lived quite a full and busy life. She was an exotic dancer when she was younger and then went to work for the Brazilian Intelligence Agency for a while. During one of her assignments, she ended up gaining the abiltiy to breath a green colored fire from her mouth. Taking this as a sign to move on, she joined the Global Guardians a team of european heroes where she first met her friend Ice who was at the time known as Ice Maiden and worked with them up until they were disbanded. She then went over to the Justice League International where she once again was teamed with Ice and some of the other great international heroes. Since Justice League America that she was a member of disbanded and the death of Ice, she has not been seen. However, it is known that she's dating Guy Gardener which started after the death of Ice.

Bea was one of the heroes lost with Starman and Alan Scott during the attack on Avatar. her current condition and whereabouts are unknown.

Most recently, Bea was returned to Earth, where she met and befriended the vigilantes Wrath (see Magus), Hound, Priest, Necromancer and Dolph. After helping them fend Lilith's forces out of DC, she broke off her relationship with Guy Gardner and entered a lightning fast romance with Wrath, culminating in an Eiffel Tower wedding. While on their honeymoon together, aboard a Caribbean cruiseliner, the Suneater blocked out the sun. After many days, the cruise struck an iceberg and sank. Rescuing everyone they could, and losing Dolph in the process, the group ended up in Jamaica, where they teamed wit Aztek and Morph to return to the states, and help where they were needed. Eventually being co-opted into Huntress' newly-formed Outsiders.