Officer David James Gordon

Name: David James Gordon
Alias: Hermes.
Relatives: Roger C. Gordon (Grandfather, deceased), Thelma A. Gordon (Grandmother, deceased), James W. Gordon (Great Uncle, deseased), James Gordon Jr. (Cousin), Ted Knight (Grandfather, deceased), Sandra Knight (Great-aunt, deceased), David Knight (Uncle, deseased), Jack Knight (Father), Barbara Gordon (Mother), Ted Knight II (Half Brother), Wilma Payton (half-sister), Clarence O’dare (God Father)
Group Affliation: Opal City Police Department: SCU; JLA
Base of Operations: Opal City
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Ht: 6'4"
Wt: 200
D.O.B. 2002

2000 was a very hard year for David’s mother, Barbara Gordon. After she got back the use of her legs, a minor miracle preformed by Impulse, she had to mobilize the Hero community to deal with the nuclear disaster in NYC. She then found out one of her best friends, Dinah Lance, was actually a durlan spy. In a holiday funk because all her other friends were married, and having kids, she was further shocked when her Uncle/Adoptive Father James Gordon was gunned down in the line of duty. She felt that she had had enough of Gotham and that with the ever-expanding Batfamily, they could take care of things. Looking for a new city, she realized that Opal City after the take over by Shade... and their hero, Starman, going into semi retirement that the police would need her help.

So she moved to Opal City, hoping for a new beginning... Most of the calls for her first month were from Jack Knight. After realizing that Oracle was a woman, he constantly called her in the middle of the night to ask for help for the care of baby Ted. After two months of this, Barbara bought a load of baby self-help books and went to the Knight residence to ask Jack to stop calling her. She however was struck dumb when Jack answered the door while feeding baby Ted. She felt an instant attraction to Jack, and he to her. Over the next year Barbara visted the two Knights more and more, helping the Knights and falling in love with them. When Jack proposed- she instantly said yes. For their wedding they both got tattoos- symbols of each other. For Jack it was a bat in a heart, for Babs it was the zodiac sign that Jack wore as Starman.

A year after that David was born. Jack named the kid- and pointed out that David’s red hair clearly marked him a Gordon and that he understood that Babs wanted the Gordon name to live on. Babs knew that she had made the best choice in Jack. By age 6, David was made an unoffical O’dare as he played with the next generation of O’dare. With his red hair and bugging his God father at the police station, many rookies assumed that David was just one of the O’dare brood. Jack however was proud that David started taking things apart by age 7, and was very happy that at 9 he was helping his mom with her Oracle equipment. Jack had hopes that David would take after Ted Sr. and become a great scientest. Jack got a tad worried when David started helping his mother on-line by becoming Hermes. However, Jack just chalked it up to a youthful desire to help and it meant that it was easier to have a night out with Babs, while David as Hermes helped the JL fight this villan or that one. Both of David’s parents knew at age 14 that David was going to be a boy in blue. All of his his freinds were police brats- or the YJ members he talked on the computer to. While that caused some parental friction- as David always got A’s in school (and ate his green beans) it wasn’t too major. Though Jack wished, that as Ted Jr was clearly going to be a superhero, that David would be a scientest or an astronaut. Things came to a head on David’s 16th birthday, after coming home from a day with the O’dares and ‘Auntie’ Hope, David had dinner with his parents and Ted. When asked what he did with the O’dares- David unfolded the target he was shooting at. He pointed out that he spent the day at the shooting range- and Hope said he was a natural. He was sent to his room- and grounded for 2 months... and not allowed to hang out with ‘those gun nuts’.

While Babs knew that James Gordon had a gun as long as he was on the force, and after she was shot, the pain of being shot and having her ‘father’ killed by a gun, made her lay down the law- that David was never to use a gun. Privately, Jack was happy- hoping that this would get David on track. David got very angry. The next day he went to his Godfather, Commisioner Clarence O’Dare. Clarence pointed out that Jack was a dear friend- so he felt that David should follow his parent's wishes. But, he said, you’re a smart kid- figure out a way to get his parents to approve David getting into the police academy and Clarence would make it happen. For the next 5 months, after school David would come right home and go to his lab. His parents both had high hopes for whatever he was doing in there. David then came out one night with what appeared to be a silver gun and asked Ted to shoot him. Not needing to be asked twice, Ted tried to shoot his brother. Needless to say, the gun didn’t work. David explained that he used Ted Sr.’s cosmic rod to make a gun. It would not kill a person. It could not be used against David, as it had a DNA scan in the grip. And, he was sure that it would fulfill the Academy’s requirements... After a long talk, David was allowed to apply for Police Acadamy after graduating High School.

Training: David has a brown belt in most forms of martial arts. He was trained mainly by his mother. His mother has has taught him how to be an information specialist, and properly sift through information for clues and the truly important and relevent information.

Weapons: The most important device David has is his Gravity Gun. This gun was created by David with his Grandfather Knight’s technology. It has 3 settings: a cosmic blast, a increase gravity( making something weigh much more) and a decrease gravity setting. David also has made his gun ‘smart’ so it will only shoot when he has it in his hand. Also using Ted Knight Sr’s inventions- David wears a stripped down Gravity Belt, which simply allows him to fly. From his mother Barbara ‘Oracle’ Gordon, he has a modified badge. This lets her keep track of his vital signs (unknown to David) and allows her to keep in touch and offer advice, when she thinks David needs it.