Congo Bill

Real Name: Unknown
Occupation: Explorer, Trapper, Naturalist, Ex-Corporate President
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Janu, adopted son (unofficial)
Group Affiliations: Forgotten Heroes
Base of Operation: Kenya, Africa
Ht: 6'1" (6'8" as Congorilla)
Wt: 186 lbs. (706 lbs. as Congorilla)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black (w/gray)


Something of a local legend on the Africa continent, Congo Bill is a noted naturalist and trapper whose integrity and philanthropic nature has made him a well respected figure in that part of the world. Although considered perhaps one of the greatest hunters ever known, Congo Bill is equally noted for his great love and appreciation for the African landscape and wildlife.

During his varied career Congo Bill befriended a tribal witch doctor by the name of Chief Kawola. Due to an unfortunate accident Kawola was mortally wounded and, despite Congo Bill's best effort, realized he was soon to die. Feeling his old friend was the only he could trust with it, Kawola left Congo Bill something known as a Spirit Ring. By rubbing this ring, the dying chief claimed, its wearer could switch places with their tribal god, the golden Congorilla. Congo Bill took the ring to humor the old chief although he thought the story nothing but superstitious myth. It was not until some time later, when a chance avalanche trapped him inside a cave, that Bill attempted to use it, figuring he had nothing to lose. The 'myth' was true and he was immediately transported into the body of the Congorilla, a legendary and powerful golden gorilla. Freeing his body from the cave, Congo Bill would then go on to use the ring and thus Congorilla in his various exploits across the continent, writing a new legend as he went.

Earlier in his life Congo Bill had come into contact with a child named Janu, a wild orphan living in the jungles. Taking Janu "the Jungle Boy" under wing, Congo Bill became a sort of mentor to him, eventually sending him to America to complete his education. Although they are not related, Janu is the closest thing to a son Congo Bill has. Years later, Janu would return and convince Bill to give up his adventuresome heroics as Congorilla and institute the sort of change that would really help Africa: industrialization. Congo Bill agreed and the company he and Janu formed proved immensely successful and was quite lucrative for all involved. Under the guidance of Bill, it would also be something of a rarity among such industries, proving both non-exploitative of the native population and one of the most environmentally aware industries on the planet.

Eventually Bill tired of this life however and left the company to Janu, a far more enthusiastic businessman anyhow. Briefly Congo Bill and the Congorilla would return to the superhero scene when he aided the Forgotten Heroes in preventing a world threatening disaster. He did not stay with the team for long after though and soon returned to the brush country of Africa, his one true love. Something of a recluse these days, Bill none the less continues to work for what he sees as good causes, occasionally through the Congorilla.


Congo Bill is perhaps one of the most talented trackers alive today, despite his advancing years. Although he disdains the killing of any animal, he is also an expert hunter and superb marksman. He is a capable hand to hand fighter as well.

By rubbing the Spirit Ring he wears, Congo Bill is able to switch places with the Congorilla for an indefinite period of time. The Congorilla is both extraordinarily strong and agile, far beyond the ability of any normal simian. The Congorilla also wears a Spirit Ring that allows Congo Bill to switch back. If the ring is removed, the switch can not be made. Theoretically the rings should allow the owner(s) to switch between any peoples or creatures as long as each is wearing one, though this has not been extensively tested.