Red Sun

Name: Clark Kent
Age: 25
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Known Relatives: Johnathan Kent (adoptive father, deceased), Martha Kent (adoptive mother, deceased), Kara Armorr (adoptive cousin, Superwoman), Val Armorr (adoptive uncle, Sensei), Kon-El (adoptive cousin, Superman), Roxanne Leech (adoptive cousin-in-law, Green Lantern), Kal Armorr (adoptive nephew), Barbara Dinah Kent Armorr (adoptive niece), Brin Arthur Richard Kent Armorr (adoptive nephew), Diana Clarice Kent Armorr (adoptive niece).
Group Affilation: JLA
Base of Operations: San Francisco, but also frequents New Krypton
D.O.Creation. 2000


Somehow, Dominion scientists gathered cell samples from the original Superman in 1995 and began work on attempts at cloning him. In 2000 they finally met with success and began mass production of Superman clones. The Batman, however, played monkeywrencher to their plans and destroyed all of the clones. All but one.

Clark was hatched from his pod as a five year-old, and was rescued by Young Justice at the time they also rescued the lost Justice Leaguers more commonly refered to as the "pod leaguers."

Upon his return to earth with YJ, Superboy took him first to meet with Superwoman, and then brought in the elderly Kents, who agreed to take him in.

Clark spent the next 8 years in relative normalcy (aside from visits from Super cousins and what-not), raised a typical all-American boy by the Kents. In early 2008, however, things took a sad turn.

In late winter 2008, Martha Kent suffered a stroke, she survived only three months longer, passing away in June of that year. Grief took Johnathan exactly 60 days later. Rather than go live with the then reclusive Superwoman and family, Clark asked, and was allowed, to attend the Knight Academy. He relocated there that fall and remained there until his graduation, visiting the Armorrs on holidays.

After graduation, Clark spent two years in college, studying Anthropology and received an A.S. in the field. He completed one more year of study towards his B.S. before his cousin Kon-El offered him position on the new League, and vowing to find a way to keep with his studies, he accepted.

Powers and Abilities

Clark is a Kryptonian by genetics and has every power one would expect of him thusly. He is very intelligent, a master in his field of study. Additionally, he graduated from the Knight Academy with honors in every course.