Alter Ego: Christopher Smith (Schmidt)
Occupation: Doom Patrol Agent, Industrailaist and philanthropist; President/Chairman, Smith Enterprises Ltd. and Pax Institute
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Wolfgang Schmidt (father, deceased); Elizabeth Lewis Smith (Schmidt) (mother, deceased)
Group Affiliations: Doom Patrol, Inter-Agency Task Force, covert intelligence division; Checkmate; the Shadow Fighters
Base of Operations: Geneva, Switzerland, NYC
First Appearance: FIGHTIN' 5 #50
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 196 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

Christopher Schmidt was born to an Austrian industrialist, Wolfgang Schmidt, and American Children's author Elizabeth Lewis in New york City. Though an american citizen, Christopher was raised in his father's homeland of Austria.

In 1955 it was revealed that the respected businessman had commanded a Nazi concentration campin Poland during World War II. Shattered by the ensuing scandal, Wolfgang Schmidt took his own life on Christopher's fifth birthday. The boy never told anyone how he witnessed his father's suicide, but the incident scarred Christopher deeply for life.

Fleeing from the scandal and sorrow, Elizabeth returned Christopher to America, changing their surname to "Smith" and settling in Philadelphia. Christopher seemed to accept his father's death, but inside he was a turmoil of fragile emotions which eventuallybroke and he began to have delusions of his father, clad in a Nazi SS uniform.

The day he turned 18, Christopher presented himself at the army recruiting station and volunteerted for duty. He breezed through basic training, was quickly promoted to sergeant, and assigned to a tour of duty in Vietnam. Several months into his tour, Smith was involved in an attack on small village thought to harbor enemy guerrillas. When the smoke cleared and the incident was investigated it was discovered that military intelligence had erred and that the village had been full of innocent peasants. Smith, the sergeant of the platoon, was made the scapegoat for the incident and was court-martialed and sentenced to 20 years to life in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary.

During his internment, Elizabeth Smith died, leaving the entire family fortune to young Christopher. Most of the holdings were in european nations, and Christopher Smith was granted an early release in exchange for his participation in Project: Peacemaker, an anti-terrorist operation. He next surfaced in Switzerland as the young millionaire playboy and chairman of The Pax Institute, a private foundation set up to battle terrorism and offer aid to its victims. From this he moved to idealizing the Peacemaker concept. Thus was born the one-man peace force. Christopher Smith loved peace so much...he was willing to kill for it.

Though he proved a relentless and efficient weapon, the man behind the Peacemaker's helmet was still very disturbed, still seeing visions of his father's ghost and, as time passed he began to believe that the souls of those who died around him from acts of terrorism were taking up residence in his helmet where they would speak to him, demanding justice!

Eventually, a top-secret U.S. intelligence agency run by Col. Valentina Vostock (Negative Woman) discovered Smith's alter ego and recruited him to work for her Agency. This alliance proved short lived as Peacemaker's fragile mental state shattered and he turned renegade. After several encounters with the second Vigilante, Peacemaker's insane rampage was halted and he was taken into custody by Vostock's Agency.

Peacemaker then concentrated more on fighting terrorism mainly in Europe. The Agency then became Checkmate, and he worked for them yet again, only this time under the command of Harry Stein. Finally, he was recruited to join the Shadow Fighters, put together by Amanda Waller of the Suicide Squad. The mission was to attack Parador, a South American country taken over by Eclipso and rescue a little girl. the mission failed, and the girl along with the Shadow Fighters were killed. A few have shown up alive since then, Peacemaker being one of them. Having fled his helicopter before it crashed into two military tanks via his miniature jet-pack, he switched his body with one of the dead soldiers, and placed his helmet on his charred remains. He eventually made it back to his home in Switzerland, to recover. Constucting a new helmet and costume, he again travelled back to the U.S. to aid them fromtime to time, still waging his war on terrorism in Europe, remaining a loose cannon.

Peacemaker is a master at various forms of hand-to-hand combats, his preferred method of confrontation, as well as superb method of confrontation, as well as a superb acrobat. He is proficient with most known types of handgun and automatic weapons, as well as demonstrating remarkable skill and throwing knives.

Peacemaker's costume doubles as flexible body armor, impervious to all but the high caliber weapons. His helmet contains sophisticated cybernetic microcircuitry to power its various devices and weaponry, including complex communication and surveillance equipment, an ultrasonic stunner, infrared capability, and laser-guidance controls for "smart projectiles" fired from his handgun. The helmet also mentally controls his AH-64 Apache assault helicopter, and mini-jet-pack that works in both air and water. It's made of a heat and pressure proof plastic, is laced with explosives. Smith's right glove holds a vial that becomes a firebomb when crushed. The boots hold a Pentolite compound.