Real Name: Audrey Blake-Stihvens
Marital status: single
Known relatives: Angelica Blake Risenhoover (mother), Nick Risenhoover (stepfather), Candace Risenhoover (half-sister), Clinton Risenhoover (half-brother), Leon Blake (grandfather), Jamaica Blake (grandmother), Darin Stihvens (Force, father, deceased), Bill Stihvens (grandfather), Samantha Stihvens (grandmother), Tabitha Stihvens (aunt), Dora Stihvens (great grandmother).
Occupation: College Student, Adventurer
Group affiliation: Birds of Prey, G.O.O.D.
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
D.O.B. 1999


Angelica Blake wanted Darin Stihvens. He was the most popular guy in school, amazing at sports, good looking, and fun. When she finally got a date with him, she was on the top of the world and started planning their wedding. They went to a party with no adults to be found, and when Darin said "But I really like you," all the teachings of her abstinence only sex-ed were forgotten. Darin never called her again. She firmly believes it was because he never got the chance. He was dead within two weeks.

The Stihvens went into hiding when Darin died, but they re-emerged. When Angelica learned that they were back, she immediately went to them with the news that she was pregnant with Darin's baby. They didn't believe her until the baby was born and a DNA test was performed. After that, they were a constant presence in Audrey's life.

Audrey grew up being spoiled by her grandparents while Angelica was at school or work. When her mother finally found a man to love when Audrey was 16, Audrey didn't quite know what to do. She wasn't the center of attention anymore. Angelica got married when Audrey was 17, and the twins arrived a year later. This was when Audrey started being a superhero. She called herself after her favorite bird, Chickadee.


Audrey is an exceptional class athlete. She played soccer, basketball, and softball. She unconsciously used her ability to attract and repel objects to make her even better until she discovered what she was doing. Then she did it deliberately, hoping for even more adoration. She quickly learned how to use her powers to allow her to fly.


Audrey's a quick learner and is an expert at trivia. The more obscure the fact, the happier she is to know it. She's incredibly innocent despite her need for adoration, which sometimes leads to misunderstandings. Her cooking is absolutely horrible. Her baked goods have successfully been used as weapons.