Elder Stapleton

Name: Andrew Stapleton
Occupation: LDS Missionary
Base of Operations: Salt Lake City, Utah
Group Affiliation: The LDS Avengers
Known Family: Bob & Mary Stapleton (parents), Corrine, Luanne & Chelsea (younger siblings), David, John, Peter, Paul, Joseph, Isaac (older siblings)
Age: 20
DOB: 2000
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 198
Eyes: Green
Hair: Sandy blonde


Andrew Stapleton is a millennium baby, born the seventh son of a seventh son, though this holds no superstitious importance to the good Mormon family he was born into, nor is it of importance to him.

His father is a wealthy owner of a chain of Mc'Burgers restaurants as well as a stock holder in Soder Cola. As a child, he never knew for want.

Despite being raised in a pampered environment, he received the same discipline and religious doctrine growing up as any good LDS boy, and is a firm believer in his church, his God, his peoples' way of life.

Andrew tends to be quiet and introspective, NOT an asset in his current role as a missionary, but one he works to undercover.

As a child he had discovered his own sorcerous powers at the age of 13 (at the culmination of the Magic War). Though he believed the powers a gift from Heavenly Father, he kept them hidden for fear he might be persecuted as one of those evil heathen devils in the war. He ran through a long gamut of bad-sounding Legion-esque codenames (Magic Lad, Captain Sorcery, Mr. Wizard...), and continued his dual identity through into the beginning of his mission.

By this time, his activities were getting the attention of the Church heirarchy, and his identity was easily discovered, as each new appearance would coincide with Andrew's travelling to another ward to do missionary work. He was approached by Bishop Michaelson and assured that his abilities were viewed by the Church to be as much a blessing as he himself viewed them, and was encouraged to join the ranks of the LDS Avengers while still continuing his missionary work.

Since this time, he has dropped the secret identites, calling himself simply Elder Stapleton, and has spent the last year happily among the LDS Avengers, serving his people.


Elder Stapleton is a wizard with power levels along the lower end of the moderate spectrum. As an example, he can teleport himself and up to six others, at the cost of fatiguing himself for an hour per person, during which time he can do no sorcery.