May 2000

Green Day to play Warped Tour 2000
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July 1999

There still is not anything to tell you about. They are basically in the studio, having a break, spending time with their families and also writing a film. I got this news from TotalMusic in an email. I am not sure if it is correct, but I am not making this up (someone else could be though!)

June 1999

Green Day is on the Austin Powers "The spy who shagged me" Soundtrack. The song by them is "Espionage". You can listen to it by clicking here. Then look up "Espionage" or "Austin Powers". Follow the links, and take a little listen.

May 1999

There are rumors out saying that Green Day is recording a new album titled "Wasted". It is said to be true, and also said to not be true. So who knows!? We can hope that it is true though! Also, if this record is in the making, it is supposedly coming out in the fall. That's about it for now!

April 1999

Billie Joe Armstrong will be working with former Beastie Boy, DJ Hurricane, on his second solo album. The guys are currently in the studio (according to TVT Records reps), recording a remake of the Queen anthem "We Will Rock You". No word yet on how the recording is going or when the album will be released but i'll keep you posted.

March 1999

Grammy winning producer Rob Cavallo says there may not be a new Green Day album before the end of the year. Speaking after picking up his first Producer of the Year Grammy (for his work on the punk trio's Nimrod, Goo Goo Dolls' Dizzy Up the Girl and Alanis Morissette's City of Angels single "Uninvited"), Cavallo revealed that he'll work in spurts in the studio with Green Day this time around. "We're thinking about making the record in smaller periods of time throughout this next year," Cavallo said. "We used to go in and do a grind?this time it'll be 'do three songs, see how we feel about it, wait a little bit, write some more, do three more song'." Cavallo says he and the band started with the experimental approach on Nimrod and they're just taking it one step further this time. Thanks to for this information!
January 1999
Hey, I know its been a while, but i have some news! Green Day has recently cancelled six tour dates, 5 of which were with the Rolling Stones. At first, no one knew why, but it's confirmed that Green Day is working on a new album, and happened to want to take those five shows out. The sixth show they cancelled, was in Sacramento (For the SECOND time), the reasons were/are unknown. The movie they were going to make, was supposedly just a rumor, yet I have seen more information on it... who knows?! Lastly, they can't play for Sacramento (which happens to be about 3 hours from where they live)BUT they can play for New York/MTV?!?!?! ugh.

September 1998
I finally get to update this!! I have got some news for you all... Billie Joe has two sons as of August 30th. The first one (who is now three) is named Joseph Marcicano. The newborn is named Lawrence Livemore. Where did they get these names? :-) hehe... Well. Congratulations Billie Joe!

Oh and a bit more news on Billie Joe, he has started his own record label. People have been saying this is a step onto retiring the band so he can bring up his baby. BUT!!! I am not going to start any rumors... So don't go tell your friends this, because it all is just peoples theories.

July 98


Third Eye Blind bassist, Arion Salazar, issued this apology to Mike Dirnt after the incident at the KROQ Weenie Roast in L.A., where Arion threw a bottle at Mike Dirnts head, "My heart goes out to him and I hope he recovers quickly. We have many friends in common and I just hope that he can accept my sincerest apology. I am sorry Mike." Because of this incidence, Green Day was forced to cancel their Sacramento show.

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