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The Space Empires

Welcome to the "Space Empires III Universe", designed as a realistic alternative to unsubstantiated roleplaying. Here we try to provide a bit of framework to the SE3 community in the form of a few guidelines for pbem warfare as well as providing the first "meaningful" alliance system. For a complete listing of the rules click on the following link. Rules

I recommend using the AmaruTech datafile. This offers a wider range of weapons while speeding up games greatly. With close to 1000 techs/comps I'd have to say that this is easily the most original datafile available, as it was done completely from scratch. Of course any agreed upon datafile works.

Anyone that would like to join the ladder contact me at, through AOL instant messager at Drmr555, or ICQ #38127635. Just have a name for yourself, your empire and preferably a site posted on Malfador's site list. Everyone on the ladder will be activated shortly. Be sure to check out my empire's site Amaru Commonwealth. Special thanks go to Master Belisarius and Commander Judj for their help, ideas, and just plain effort they put into helping me out. Also, take a look at the Ladder's shipset archive provided by the Pyrochette Empire.The Ship Archive

Suggest and discuss proposals and rule revisions here.

News Briefs:

  • 3/9-RamTam declares war on Grand Fenwick for 0.5 territory.
  • 3/18-Grand Fenwick defeats RamTam in eighteen game turns.
  • 3/20-RamTam re-challenges (1 month waiting period in effect from now on) Grand Fenwick, with the help of G'urak.
  • 5/5-RamTam cancels military alliance w/ Altarak
  • 5/5- The Amaru Commonwealth declares war on the Altarak for 0.5 territory.
  • 5/9-Fighting breaks out between the Aquilae and the G'urak Dominion over a border dispute.
  • 5/16-The new proposals are now being integrated into the rules.
  • 5/17-RamTam cancels Non-Aggresion treaty w/ Galactic Alliance.
  • 5/18-Pyrochette cancels Non-Agression treaty w/ Galactic Alliance.
  • 6/7-Amaru/Altarak war ended without a fight. Altarak cedes territory.
  • 6/14-Grand Fenwick declared war on Amaru w/ Altarak assisting. Amaru's allies undisclosed at this time.
  • 6/16-Military Pact signed between G'urak and Amaru. Ramtam, G'urak, and Arcturan have offered their support in the war against Grand Fenwick and her allies.
  • 6/22-The Pyrochette have begun raiding Symbiote Alliance territory in a challenge over 0.1 space.
  • 6/26-Aquilae, K'Star, and Serifen have joined the fight on the side of the Symbiote. Pyrochette remains undettered.
  • 7/1-New rules being put into motion. See Hypercomm for more details.
  • 7/20-The new alpha version of the new automated SE3 Ladder is nearing completion.


  • "Amaru Commonwealth"-Warlord Adamus 2.8 quadrants (Active)
  • "Aquilae Federation"-Master Belisarius 2.5 quadrants (Active)
  • "Colony 37 & The Colonial Alliance"-Commander Danjel Judj 1.8 quadrants (Inactive)
  • "Insatian Empire"-Instar 1.3 quadrants (Active)
  • "Star Nation Of Grand Fenwick"-Facilitator Dwarven Giant 1.5 quadrants (Active)
  • "G'urak Dominion"-G'urachn 1.6 quadrants (Active)
  • "Cerban Empire"-Emperor Will 1.4 quadrants (Inactive)
  • "United Federation Empire"-Emperor Salive 1.4 quadrants (Active)
  • "Ri'Chex Empire"-Emperor Doombug 1.9 quadrants (Inactive)
  • "K'Star Republic"-Admiral Krell 1.6 quadrants (Active)
  • "Calisto Shipyards"-Antonio Marcelo 1.4 quadrants (Active)
  • "RamTam Empire"-Sky Marshall Axel 1.1 quadrants (Active)
  • "Arcturan Empire"-Emperor Silver 1.7 quadrants (Active)
  • "Pyrochette Empire"-Grand Mausic Sith Yaulkar 1.3 quadrants (Active)
  • "Star Warriors Empire"-Valiant 1.3 quadrants (Active)
  • "Serifren Empire"-Emperor Arena 1.2 quadrants (Active)
  • "Galactic Alliance"-President Saint 1.3 quadrants (Inactive)
  • "Imperial Republic Of Chinera"-Emperor Chingo 1.0 quadrants (Inactive)
  • "Centari Cendicate"-Emperor Jeremy 1.0 quadrants (Active)
  • "Symbiote Alliance"-Emperor Daniel 1.2 quadrants (Active)
  • "Quadrabolt Empire"-Emperor Thunder 1.0 quadrants (Active)
  • "Star God Empire"-Emperor Sepiroth 1.1 quadrants (Active)
  • "Vendetian Shipyards"-Vendetta 1.3 quadrants (Active)
  • "Fugg Nation"-Koss 1.0 quadrants (Active)
  • "Narn Empire"-Emperor N'Ton 1.0 quadrants (Active)
  • "Amertanja Empire"-Defenian 1.0 quadrants (Active)
  • "Republic of Charlana"-General Hawk 1.0 quadrants (Active)

    Political Stances:
    War Non-Intercourse Non-Agression Trade Alliance Trade & Research Alliance Military Alliance Partnership Treaty
    "Amaru Commonwealth"
    Altarak,Grand Fenwick none none Insatian,G'urak, K'Star,Federation,GA,Star God Ri'Chex,Cerban,Aquilae,Serifen,Vendetian RamTam,*G'urak*,Pyrochette Calisto,Colony37, Arcturan
    "Aquilae Federation"
    G'urak,Pyrochette none Grand Fenwick Federation,Altarak,Star Warriors Ri'Chex,Calisto,Amaru,Vendetian,Narn none Colony37,K'Star,Cerban, Insatian,Serifen,GA,Symbiote,Chinera,Centari
    "Colony 37 & The Colonial Alliance"
    none none none none Ri'Chex Cerban Aquilae, Amaru, Altarak
    "Insatian Empire"
    none none none Amaru, Federation, Arcturan Ri'Chex none Aquilae,Cerban,K'Star,Symbiote
    "Star Nation Of Grand Fenwick"
    Ramtam, Amaru, Arcturan, G'urak none Federation, K'Star,Galactic Alliance none none none none
    "G'urak Dominion"
    Grand Fenwick,Aquilae none none Amaru, Arcturan Ri'Chex,Calisto,Galactic Alliance,Symbiote,Quadrabolt,Star God,Pyrochette,Serifen,Vendetian,Star Warriors RamTam,*Amaru* none
    "Cerban Empire"
    none none none none Amaru,Galactic Alliance,Vendetian Colony37, Calisto, Arcturan Aquilae,K'Star,Insatian,Serifen,Star Gods,Symbiote
    "United Federation Empire"
    none none Grand Fenwick Insatian,Aquilae,Amaru none Richex none
    "Ri'Chex Empire"
    none none none RamTam,Star Warriors,Pyrochette Amaru, Aquilae, G'urak, Insatian,Galactic Alliance Colony37, Federation Calisto, Arcturan, K'Star
    "K'Star Republic"
    none RamTam Grand Fenwick Amaru,Arcturan,G'urak Vendetian Ri'Chex Aquilae,Insatian,Cerban,Serifen,Star God,Galactic Alliance,Symbiote
    "Calisto Shipyards"
    none none none RamTam Aquilae,G'urak Cerban Amaru, Ri'Chex, Arcturan
    "RamTam Empire"
    Grand Fenwick,Altarak K'Star none Ri'Chex,Calisto,Arcturan,Ramtam none G'urak, Amaru, Pyrochette,Star Warriors,Serifen,Quadrabolt,Narn none
    "Arcturan Empire"
    Grand Fenwick,Altarak Galactic Alliance none K'Star, Aquilae, Star Warriors,G'urak,Insatian,RamTam none Cerban,Pyrochette Ri'Chex,Calisto,Amaru,Serifen
    "Pyrochette Empire"
    Symbiote none none Ri'Chex,Vendetian G'urak RamTam, Star Warriors,Amaru,Quadrabolt,Arcturan none
    "Star Warriors Empire"
    none none GA Arcturan,Ri'Chex,Aquilae Vendetian,G'urak RamTam,Pyrochette,Quadrabolt Calisto
    "Serifen Empire"
    none none none none Vendetian,G'urak,Amaru RamTam Aquilae,Galactic Alliance,Arcturan,Cerban,Symbiote,Star God
    "Galactic Alliance"
    none Arcturan Grand Fenwick Amaru Ri'Chex,Cerban,G'urak none Serifen,Aquilae,Chinera,Centari Cendicate,Symbiote
    "Imperial Republic Of Chinera"
    none none none none Vendetian none Galactic Alliance,Centari Cendicate
    "Centari Cendicate"
    none none none none Vendetian none Galactic Alliance,Chinera,Symbiote,Aquilae
    "Symbiote Alliance"
    Pyrochette none none none G'urak,Vendetian,Quadrabolt none Cerban,Serifen,K'Star,Aquilae,Cerban,Insatian,Galactic Alliance,Centari Cendicate
    "Quadrabolt Empire"
    none none none G'urak Vendetian,Symbiote Pyrochette,Ramtam,Star Warriors none
    "Star God Empire"
    none none none Amaru G'urak none Cerban,Quadrabolt,Serifen
    "Vendetian Shipyards"
    none none none Pyrochette,Ramtam,Arcturan Cerban,Star Warriors,Aquilae,Serifen,Calisto,K'Star,Ri'Chex,Insatian,Amaru,Quadrabolt,G'urak,Narn,GA,Chinera,Symbiote,Centari Star God,Colony 37 none
    "Fugg Nation"
    none none none none none none none
    "Narn Empire"
    none none none none Vendetian,Aquilae RamTam none
    "Amertanja Empire"
    none none none none none none none
    "Republic Of Charlana"
    none none none none none none none
    War Non-Intercourse Non-Agression Trade Alliance Trade & Research Alliance Military Alliance Partnership Treaty

    Economic Bonus: