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Central Shipyards

You have arrived at the central construction space yards, here you may view designs from our current fleets, and the construction taking place in our orbital drydocks. These ships utilize some of the most advanced technology in existance. Most vessels are equipped with plasma and beam based weaponry with the exception of the new Proto-Fleets. Proto fleet vessels are more than twice the size of regular imperial vessels due to advances in fabrication and micro-metallurgy. They are equipped with "Quantum weaponry" rumored to be the most potent in the galaxy, as well as "Stealth Armor" and cloaking devices on certain ships. Fleet strengths are approximately one hundred vessels strong, consisting of Warships, Troop transports, and a cadre of other supporting vessels. We possess extremely potent fighting forces to say the least.

-1st Patrol Fleet Commanded by Prefect Octavian, patrolling the western border of the Amaru Galaxy.

-2nd Patrol Fleet Commanded by Prefect Nero, patrolling the eastern border of the Amaru Galaxy.

-Shakurian Blood Guard,The Warlord's personal fleet, entirely crewed by loyal Shakurian party members, orbiting the homeworld.


-Proto1,Occupation fleet comprised of extremely large ships meant to overrun and pacify star systems.


-Proto2,advanced prototype design now under contruction as the main battle fleet of the Commonwealth.

Vessel Manifest:

Ships currently available:

  • Assassin Class Destroyer
  • Pain Class Battlecruiser
  • Earthquake Class Battleship
  • Demon Class Dreadnaught