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Foreign Embassy

You have arrived at the party headquarters. All opposition groups were dispersed in title and name when the Shakur overthrew the old government. However, there is a limited prescence from other political groups within the regime. These groups are tolerated for the sake of the people and if they become outspoken, they can be dealt with. Here you shall be privy to our de-classified foreign relations information. If you wish to propose and alliance, state how you can be of benefit to the Commonwealth.

Governmental Policies:

  • We reserve the right to intern any vessel travelling through our space.
  • Extradition of any offenders to our laws will be immediate, and they will be subject to our disciplinarian system.
  • Our beliefs are sacred to us, to violate them is to gain a new enemy.
  • Only allied trade vessels may cross our borders, and then only after flightplans are relayed to Commonwealth escorts.
  • We sanction the use of all forms of weaponry against enemies of the state.

    Treaties and Alliances: