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Profile Of The People

WARNING ! You have accessed restricted information. Security has been alerted, desist and your execution will be swift. Surrender now.

Amaru Informational Database:

Brius reporting, (Head Researcher Amaru Technological Board)

Over the centuries generations of Amaru scientists have "improved" the genus. Using genetic manipulation we have systematically enhanced our species, originally to combat ourselves, now the rest of the universe. The adaptations began so gradually that the population has regarded the project as our natural evolution. It has been a high-level secret known to only a handful in the government.

The experiments began in 19th century and were finally perfected midway through the twentieth with the advent of warp travel. Originally alterations included heightened senses, but as the wars continued the work flourished..

Our people have naturally redundant bodily systems, and strength due to massive size. The Amaru skeleton is composed of a bone/cartilage composite that proves much stronger than either alone and much lighter allowing greater agility. Our people's natural vision, infra-red was found to be a hinderance as technology became more lethal. Thermal vision, as well as normal optical sighting has been evolved to remedy that handicap.

Our most recent alteration involved those dreaded creatures, the Creep. (Read AON Archive "Creep Examination"). We've learned the secret to their vital-shrouding ability. This will make our warriors virtually undetectable to all life-sign scanning sensors. Trial tests are being prepared for the next breed. Ability has been introduced to volunteers from the AON's Legion on a control basis and initial reports have been extremely incouraging. The board recommends that the Warlord approve this latest enhancement after final testing, so that they may take effect during the next cloning cycle.

-End Report