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Site Updates

Changes As Of:

  • 5/14-SE3 Ladder page format changed. Added armory page.

  • 5/11-Treaty updates, picture added to the "Amaru Warrior" page. Treasury updates. I'm also looking into a easier to read format for the ladder.

  • 5/5-Minor changes, the ladder is being constantly updated. Stay tuned, a new page is on the way.

  • 4/7-At the request of the Ri'Chex we've recon'd their empire. I hope to be making the Alien Dossier a little bit more detailed in the days to come, I just haven't felt like updating lately.

  • 3/26-Iv'e been close to finishing for a few days. I had one more page to do but Iv'e just been really busy lately. I think it'll go on the backburner for awhile. So..I'm done !

  • 3/14-Major overhaul is underway, it'll take a few days so you'll probably be seeing bits and pieces until then.

  • 3/9-New banner on the first page courtesy of Emperor Doombug. Uploaded revised ladder rules as well as another Banner, thanks to the Calisto Shipyards. Added Vessel Manifest in shipyard section, and the Incoming message on the main page.

  • 3/3-Informational pages have all been updated.

  • 2/21-The stats on just about every page were updated. A couple raytraced pictures were added as well.

  • 2/17-I'm now updating the ladder almost daily. I'm also thinking of possibly doing a letter for the ladder members, not sure though..I have no time as it is. Ri'Chex contributed a ship picture, located in the shipyards.

  • 2/6-A few updates to both the intelligence and politics page.

  • 2/4-Not much new, did some touch ups like adding lines and stuff, Iv'e done alot of work on the ladder page and I'm going to try to get it ready for Malfador to post on the forum list.

  • 1/15-Added Proto2-Fleet.

  • 1/11-Updated Embassy and Intelligence sections.

  • 1/9-Added SE3 Universe ladder.

  • 1/7-Put up datafile on technology page.

  • 1/6-Added Guestbook, Added Proto1 Fleet, still doing some touching up.

  • 1/4-Still trying to display ships properly. I also added a few things here and there.

  • 1/1-Site Opened. Still very Rough.