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Armed Forces

The Amaru military has been rebuilt from the ground up after the civil war. Warlord Adamus chose to build the most elite war machine in the galaxy favoring training and tactics over numerical superiority. Inter-service competition has been abolished favoring a single unified Amaru Military Corps (AMC). The AMC is composed of ground, naval, atmospheric, and space units all commanded by Adjutants in their respective categories. All warriors have been trained for each duty thoroughly, and are well versed in combined arms warfare as well as military theory and application.

Operational Doctrine:

Rules Of Engagement For Tactical Combat

  • Establish formation and tactical advantage.
  • Response to communication dictates action.
  • Speed and direction of target will be met with appropriate attack pattern.
  • Acceptable risks must be acknowledged in order to win decisively.

    Rules Of Engagement For Strategic Combat

  • Establish optimum position and fortify.
  • Mobilize reserves and secure lines of transport.
  • Gather intelligence on enemy positions.
  • Mass defensive garrisons.
  • Coordinate strike with maximum force.

    Fleet Information:

    Ship Types:

    Hierarchy Within The Empire: