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Amaru Observation Network

The (AON) or Amaru Observation Network is comprised of vast webs of information gathering teams and special warfare units. These units excel in a multitude of black operations. The AON is a seperate entity within our military and a very powerful one. Besides being tasked with covert and special operations they have also been known to perform political espionage and sabotage. All operatives called Observers, are tied into the Armed forces but are headed by Adjutants who are both ruthless and given very few limitations, thus making them a threat even in peacetime. By decree of the Warlord all local news broadcasts have been terminated and turned over to the agency. This was deemed necessary to maintain control over the people in these turbulent times. We will now transmit state approved communications here. You have been cleared for public access, and are now under the watchful eyes of our Enforcers.

Available Files:

  • Newswire

  • Alien Dossier

  • Mission Archive
  • Network Status: